Published on November 09, 2019 (Updated on November 09, 2019)

More Spiders Addon V.1.4

The arachnid kingdom grows with this addon that will make you overcome your phobia for spiders or suffer when you see them. First version of a variety of spiders in different biomes and dimensions

Supported Minecraft versions

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Update addon v1.17 please
This was the Best Mod of all time
Currently the link leads to a 404, please fix this when you're able to!
It couldn't find the website. That's a shame. (I don't blame the creator)
Please fix the download link put medafire
My account name is Javo_145
Where do the kawaii spiders spawn and what is the use of using the multicolored string is it just for show or does it havé a special recipe for something?
Can you fix the link and put it on medafire or dropbox please I want to try this addon. It's looks good
The addon crashes as soon as you kill a spider, even without the behaviors enabled and the dependency removed from the manifest, it seems like a resource-pack problem but i do not have enough knowledge to figure out exactly what the issue is.

Windows 10 64-bit | 8GB GDDR4 | i5-8400 @2.81GHz | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Yo, you need to fix your links dude, the link takes me to inappropriate websites.
thats not his falt. its just ad fly being bad
im on pc and adfly works just fine
Latest version crashes on win10 when you kill a spider please fix mate
Please use MediaFire or Dropbox, currently your link is broken as many others have stated.
It uses Dropbox, ok
This add-on looks amazing
I need this on my moded survival world
So please fix the link or put it on something better
Is there a way to add taimed ghast aswell
Link is garbage, fix it.