More Stuff! (v 0.6) (Backpack Updated and Bug Fixes!)

[ Backpacks Updated! And Bug Fixes! ] More Chests are now here! to change your survival experience! New swords foods drinks backpacks More chests and more! Note: this is the an alpha release so there might be a bugs!

Credits to: Artic Studios /Enely /Arexon 


Will now be releasing Latest updates “More Stuff Addon” earlier on my Discord!

NOTE: ENABLE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY! and make sure you set “More Stuff Add-On behavior” at the top priority since it includes player.json files.

Were now releasing Latest updates “More Stuff” addon earlier on our discord!

More Useful Chests are now in the game! Thanks to Enely! and Arexon!

With this addon you can create more swords to fight through the night. You can even create foods you want! (Only 3 Foods are added, there will be more in the next update) like hamburger, hotdog or even an slice bread! We cannot eat them without a tasty drinks like Coca-Cola or even an coffee to start your day!

This addon includes more chests, backpack, natural swords, foods and drinks.

How to craft and use “More Useful Chests”:

To place a chest you must sneak with the item on your hand (DONT UN SNEAK ONCE YOU’VE DONE THIS!) and a hologram should appear, move around to move the position of the hologram and once your comfortable with the spot long press or right click on pc to place the chest.

To remove the chest simply sneak with the item wrench on your hand then click the chest you want to remove but remember, Removing the chest will remove the items inside the chest too so be sure to take them away first before removing it!

If a hologram stays in place then you must remove it by using

“/function hologram_remover” and it should remove the hologram. Remember dont

 Unsneak once the hologram is there or this problem will occur again!

 – Chests –

Jewelry : The Jewelry is really useful to safe your important items from other players. It needs to be tamed for it to be useable, only the owner can lock/unlock it without a key. But be careful, other players can break it using a Crowbar!

Safe : Has the same functionality as the Jewelry. Unlike the Jewelry, it cannot be broken by other players, so it has the best safety upon other chests.

Locked Chest : Can store items and be locked. Only players that have a Key can open it.

Treasure Chest : Can be found naturally on beaches, desert, and mesa. Has different loot

Composter Chest : Works the same as the default Minecraft Composter, but with a faster and much efficient way. 1 plant/seed/crop equals 1 – 3 Bone Meal.

Trash Chest : allows you to get rid of any items/blocks you want.

Chest Driver : is a moving chest that follows its owner wherever the owner goes. Can safe stuff.

– Tools –

These multi-purpose tools always come in handy. You can use them to open/close chests or remove chests or even resize a chest if you want!

– How to Use? –


To tame it : Hold a Key in your hand then long press or right click on the chest

To unlock or lock the Jewelry : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest

To “break” the Jewelry : Hold the Crowbar then long press or right click on the chest. (You only can break it if it’s locked)


To tame it : Hold a Key in your hand then long press or right click on the chest

To unlock/lock it : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest

Locked Chest

To open/close the chest : Hold a Key in your hand and sneak then long press or right click on the chest

Treasure Chest

To unlock it : Hold a Key and sneak then long press on the chest

Composter Chest

To compost : Hold a plant/seed/crop then long press or right click on the chest. There’s also 2 seconds cooldown

Trash Chest

To open/close it : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest

You can a also throw items on the chest when it’s opened and they fall inside it

To clear items inside : Sneak then hit the chest. (Only works if the chest is opened)

Chest Driver

To tame it : Hold a Redstone Dust and sneak then long press or right click on the chest

To open/close the chest : Hold a Key and sneak then long press or right click on the chest

To heal it : Use Redstone Dust

To turn it on/off : Sneak then long press or right click on the chest.

To leash/unleash it : Hold a Lead then long press or right click on the chest.

– Crafting Recipes –




Resize Tool



Locked Chest

Composter Chest

Trash Chest

Chest Driver

How to craft and use backpack:

Backpack crafting:

To use a backpack you must tame it first with a chest!

Once tamed, you can lock it to prevent other players from stealing your stuff!(Tame it first before locking!)

You can also color backpacks using dye’s!

To wear a backpack simply stand in it and it should be on your back, To remove a backpack sneak and jump and it should be on the ground again.

Crafting Recipes Swords:

Angurvadal = 25 DMG + Regeneration II / Strength III

Dawn Splitter = 40 DMG + Strength VI / Speed II / Night Vision

Vrangr = 20 DMG + Health Boost IX / Regeneration III / Resistance II

*Emerald Sword = 2300 Durability + 9 Damage

*Phantom Membrane Sword = 2100 Durability+ 13 Damage

*Quartz Sword = 372 HP + 10 Damage

*Slime Sword = 19 Durability+ 3 Damage

*Obsidian Sword = 4561 Durability+ 10 Damage

*Lapiz Lazuli Sword = 56 Durability+ 6 Damage

*Redstone Sword = 512 Durability+ 7 Damage

*Nether Rack Sword = 63 Durability+ 10 Damage

*End Stone Sword = 412 Durability+ 11 Damage

*Coal Sword = 151 Durability+ 4 Damage


*Hamburger = 7 Hunger bar

*Hotdog = 6 Hunger bar

Pizza Slice = 6 Hunger bar

Chicken Soup = 7 Hunger bar + Instant Health II

*Slice Bread = Half Hunger bar (Not recommended for eating)


*Coca Cola = 5 Hunger bar + Regeneration III (5mins)

*Coffee = 4 Hunger bar + Speed II (10mins)

Juice = 5 Hunger bar + Jump boost II (5mins)


*Coffee Beans


If there are bugs in the addon kindly submit a ticket to us in discord 🙂


Will now be releasing “More Stuff Addon” earlier on my Discord!

Changelog View more
  • v 0.6 Beta Release

Backpacks now don't die

Hold a stick then sneak and jump to remove backpack

Fixed regeneration bug's on Vrangr and Angurvadal

Now supports 1.12!

  • v0.5 Beta Release

Added 3 new Powerful Swords

Fixed Hologram Remover function "/function hologram_remover"

Fixed chests that locks you out from it (sometimes)

Changed the spawn rules for treasure chests

Now Supports all versions of 1.14!

  • (0.4) Beta Release

Will now be releasing "More Stuff Addon" earlier on my Discord!

Added more useful chests thanks to Arexon! and Enely!

Added Pizza Slice

Added Flour

Added Juice

Added Chicken Soup

Changed the count for coffee beans to 3

Added Function to remove the Hologram

  • (v0.3) Beta release

Backpacks are now fixed, long tap on the ground or right click on pc to spawn backpack.

Changed textures on all swords and for slicebread, cocacola and coffee.

Added more links to download

  • (v0.2) Beta release

Added backpacks thanks to ArticStudios!

Fixed the backpack locking system when you quit the game, it locks you out from your backpack.

Backpacks are now immune to fire and lava.

Backpacks have smaller hitboxes to prevent players from hitting the backpack on the chest.

Changed Coca-Cola's regeneration time to 5 minutes.

Changed Coffee's speed time to 10 minutes.

  • (v0.1) Beta Release

Updated the textures for hotdog,cocacola and coffee beans.



> Download the .mcaddon/.mcpack file

> once done open it

> It should now import to minecraft

> In minecraft, select a world or create a new world

> Select the "More Stuff Add-On" on resource and behavior packs

> Click save

> Then play the world you've selected

> Enjoy!

NOTE: ENABLE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY! and make sure you set "More Stuff Add-On behavior" at the top priority since it includes player.json files.

Will now be releasing Latest Updates of "More Stuff Addon" earlier on my Discord!

Kindly report the bugs in our discord it will be greatly appreciated :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.14

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146 Responses

3.83 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. Guest-3810660130 says:

    Las espadas no hacen nada de daño tengo el juego en modo experimental block launcher y aun así no hacen nada de daño por eso mis 3 estrellas ya que le quitan la mitad del complemento

  2. Guest-2236084520 says:

    Im not sure why but it is not working i tryed crafting and none of the swords worked theres none of this mod here unless its because im trying to craft in creative?

  3. Guest-9628518309 says:

    I pasted it to the mine craft thing but I dont have it

  4. Guest-3689124365 says:

    I keep trying to extract it in my files and it just sits there is it that I’m. Renaming it please help I only have 20 hours left😰
    Xbox btw

  5. Guest-8549807570 says:


  6. century173 says:

    The enchanting doesn’t work *yes Ik not to use the enchanting table * when I was trying to enchant the swords on the crafting table in survival and creative they didn’t work. Plz help

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got it to work in the 1.16 beta but my backpack won’t jump on my back no matter what I do. I spawned it from an egg because the one I crafted couldn’t be put on the ground at all, gave it a chest and hearts appeared and I can put stuff in it but it won’t get on my back. Discord link so I can get help from the author?

    • Anonymous says:

      Enable experimental gameplay and it should work and also set the behavior pack at the top and everything else in the bottom to make my addon work.

  8. SmallAngryLlama says:

    Will this work with the 1.16 beta?

  9. Guest-6769451879 says:

    I cannot take off the backpack. please fix that. But anyways I love this mod!!!

  10. Guest-8982947215 says:

    I can’t take off the backpacks can you please fix that but anyways
    I love the mod!

  11. Guest-7277915576 says:

    the only thing that shows up in creative inventory is the back pack nothing else no chests no swords any reason why and im on xbox?

  12. Guest-7726740566 says:

    Can you add the ruby mod with this? I cannot play with both

  13. Guest-6871869943 says:

    Hello, I just want to ask, Is it real to make a flintlock pistol?

  14. Guest-3735964804 says:

    Every thing seems to be working apart for the resource pack everything is invisable

  15. Guest-6427953094 says:

    Mod works well except for one inconvenience. Mod interferes with the nether portal. I wasn’t able to teleport until I disabled your mod, so all of my mod items disappeared. ):

    • TRM says:

      you cant go through a portal with a backpack for now but what you can do is go through the portal with the backpack and remove it while in the portal. This makes you and the backpack teleport to nether. Sorry for the inconvenience we are still resolving this issue.

      • Guest-4438482468 says:

        I love this mod but the new swords are too op (took on 64 wither skeletons and a wither on hard and tookk no damage but thrashed them.) its super easy to craft just 3 diamonds for a pick and you win. Mabey nerf the new swords a bit? (alot). Keep up the good work tho.

        • TRM says:

          you cant go through a portal with a backpack for now but what you can do is go through the portal with the backpack and remove it while in the portal. This makes you and the backpack teleport to nether. Sorry for the inconvenience we are still resolving this issue.

        • TRM says:

          I actually think about that it was too easy maybe next time I will make it even harder haha Anyways thanks for your positive feedback! We really appreciate it 🙂

  16. Guest-6533347203 says:

    My bad I think I didnt hold a stick

  17. Guest-3013442299 says:

    Can’t drop the backpack

  18. Guest-6473768527 says:

    Can drop the back pack even though I crouched and jumped

  19. Guest-3054983170 says:

    When i try to download this and other stuff it just says failed to import ‘insert download name’ Not a valid Zip archive

  20. Guest-5346402864 says:

    For some reason, when I sneak and try to put an item for summoning the chests my entire HUD disappears, I can’t see any mobs and menus and I need to close the game, is there something I am doing wrong?
    I turned on experimental gameplay and have other add-ons on my world but more stuff is in top.
    The rest of the add-on is still very good, thanks.

    • TRM says:

      This might be your device not is not compatible with our animation controllers. If u have a low end device then this will have a 90% of not working and our addon heavily relies on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  21. Guest-5871849790 says:

    this is fake so I went on it and it came up with adfly then I clicked continue and it came up with this site and it said your windows10 could be broken whilst doing this horrid noise with was just a very high pitch noise after that it said this site is harmful and it showed underneath click to safety. NO BODY TRUST AD FLY IT IS FAKE

  22. Guest-6606526964 says:


  23. Guest-1659184968 says:

    Can you add a machine which crafts anything you select , but i needs some time ect. diamond block 15 minutes.

  24. Guest-9199801321 says:

    Crafted a trash chest but cant place it down anywhere.

  25. TRM says:

    Just released v0.5 “More Stuff Addon” on my Discord! Join Now! 🙂

  26. Guest-5228291874 says:

    The backpacks can die (which is highly annoying, please change that) and you can’t wear your backpack and go through a nether portal

  27. Guest-1748444848 says:

    ok so I can’t download it on my I pad so I looked it up i don’t know how to do it and its getting me mad I really want a mod that works so im sad I really want to use it I just don’t know how to do it and I look at your thing how to do it I just don’t get it I will still give you 5 stars just please help me

  28. Guest-8302194139 says:

    Only the backpack is working for me. No swords or chests.

    • Guest-8124073458 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      have you tried enabling experimental gameplay? and also you cant get all the items on creative menu only the backpakc spawn egg is there. You must either craft them or use /function more to get all the items(except the chests u must craft them).

  29. Guest-8312538959 says:

    I really want to play this, but when I download it I get stuck on the page that tells you to allow. If I could get help, that would be great!

  30. Guest-3231817409 says:

    hey i downloaded the addon 4 days ago now it has a update. Can i update the addon??? because its awesome and btw i have a world with the old version can i update it somehow`?????

    • TRM says:

      Yes its totally safe dont worry about losing your world! just dont forget adding my addon on to resource and behavior packs on your world. Thanks for your positive feedback 🙂

  31. Guest-2132398047 says:

    Hi, when i try to put a chest on the ground it doesnt apear the hologram that you said :c

    • TRM says:

      Sneak with the item on hand and it should appear a hologram, drag around then find a good spot to place your chest, long press or right click on pc to place chest on the hologram. Now you can unsneak but Remember dont unsneak once you see a hologram or the hologram will stay in place if you unsneak. If this problem occurs use “/function removehologram” to remove hologram. Have a nice day!

  32. Guest-6944664509 says:

    Hello the function removehologram wont work, any idea?

  33. Guest-8908363235 says:

    How do you dye the backpacks?

  34. Guest-3111167461 says:


  35. Guest-7129126561 says:

    This addon is realy nice ! but add new mobs (sorry for bad englisch I am Italian)

  36. Guest-5452898305 says:

    I’m confused… Which one will I download?

    • TRM says:

      If your on android or iOS, download .mcaddon
      If your on PC download .zip or still .mcaddon
      If your on XBOX download resource and behavior .mcpack

  37. TRM says:

    I will be releasing v0.4 update earlier on my discord so join now!

  38. Guest-5717383082 says:

    the swords dont damage as theyre supposed to

  39. Guest-6212731210 says:

    How do I drop my backpack after I wear it, it’s just stuck on my back. But everything else is working, I’m amazed <3

  40. Guest-1101867062 says:

    Edit, it works on 1.14.30 but it doesn´t appear in creative

    • TRM says:

      All items (except for the backpack spawn egg) are not available on the creative menu. You must get them by crafting or using “/function more” and it shuold give you every item on “More Stuff AddOn”. Thanks for your cooperation.

  41. Guest-1748019563 says:

    Not work on 1.14.30, in addition there are a small quantity of mcaddons.

  42. Guest-8541240008 says:

    this is a great work guys but pls can you guys add a new armor pls? and thank you guys

  43. Guest-2311898059 says:

    Is greet but i wish the sword can be enchant

  44. Guest-7768112467 says:

    Instead of crafting coffee beans, why not use cocoa beans instead since in is already on mine craft

  45. DTechGamer says:

    Is this compatible on Minecraft

  46. Guest-2123409022 says:

    The swords don’t give hp

  47. Guest-1392064505 says:

    Whenever I download anything it just says failed to import, what do I do?

  48. Anonymous says:

    This is really cool!

  49. Guest-7095444818 says:


  50. Guest-6486920303 says:

    Ok thank you I might as well wait for the next update 👍😄. Thanks again 🙂

  51. Guest-8496835392 says:

    I tried to put this addon on my realm but the craft doesn’t work but the backpack does, i’ve put experimental gameplay, i need some help ! ^^

  52. Guest-8981744111 says:

    I tried to put this addon on my realm but the craft doesn’t work but the backpack does, i’ve put experimental gameplay, i need some help ! ^^

    • Guest-2527651398 says:

      it dosent work because on realms you cant enable experimental gameplay
      so and addons that require exsperimental gameplay cant be used on realms sadly

  53. Guest-4387374849 says:

    It would be sooooo cool if you could incorporate other tools and armor but if you can’t it’s ok. But I love the mod a lot. Thank you for the add on

    • TRM says:

      Yes it would’ve been cool to add more tools and armors but unfortunately its still hardcoded but i think they will add in in the future update of minecraft. Thanks for your positive feedback then. We really appreciate it 🙂

  54. Guest-3110559773 says:


  55. Guest-4236530712 says:

    How do you make a hamburger using beef ? Where’s the logic ?

  56. Guest-5649901830 says:

    I recently got this mod but the swords and stuff arent here its only the backpack 🙁

  57. Guest-7869005213 says:

    The download links don’t work, it takes me to adfly then after I skip it gives me weird ads.

    • TRM says:

      Dont worry wait for 5 Seconds to skip then you can either allow the notification to continue or wait 15 seconds after that you should be redirected to mediafire. Thank you for understanding.

  58. Guest-9700535038 says:

    Nice mod! But the backpack doesnt get in my back i followed the instructions but i can get it in my back , im in exp mode

    • TRM says:

      May I know what version your playing? We’ve only tested it from 1.13 – 1.14.3 but the downside is we encoutered bugs on 1.13 so we recommend everyone to play at 1.14 above.

      • TRM says:

        Also if your playing with other add-ons, it doesnt work unless you put “More Stuff Add-On” behavior pack at the very top since it contains player.json files…

  59. Guest-1011856939 says:


  60. Guest-6568789331 says:

    The backpacks work fine, but all the crafting recipes didn’t work. Can I fix this? If so how?

  61. Guest-1434483972 says:

    When I downloaded it to my documents, then clicked it, it brought me to Minecraft as usual. But after it was imported to Minecraft, it said ‘unable to import invalid zip address ‘ please help

    • TRM says:

      Try using winrar to extract .mcaddon and manually copy the resource and behavior packs to your minecraft directory or maybe wait for next update since were gonna leave a seperate links for resource and behavior packs.

      • Guest-8969633329 says:

        Ok thank you I will try

        • Guest-4844617465 says:

          Sorry to bother you again, but how do I use Windsor to extract .mcaddon on an IOS device? Thank you

          • Guest-3558570398 says:


          • Anonymous says:

            Oh that’s unfortunate but unless your jailbroken, you can manually extract it using filza and directly copy it to “var/mobile/container/data/application/Minecraft/documents/games/com.mojang/behaviorpacks and resourcepacks.” But in the other hand you can maybe wait for the next update since it includes seperate links for “resource” and “behavior” packs. Thanks for your patience 🙂

          • Guest-1503428042 says:

            Ok thanks I might as well wait till the next update 👍😄. Thanks again 🙂

  62. Guest-9141787327 says:

    unfortunately, I’m unable to place down the backpack, I crafted it but it just doesn’t seem to work, is it possible that it doesn’t work with other mods added?

  63. Guest-1183374336 says:

    i cant spawn the back packs

  64. Guest-8396657409 says:

    I cant install the addon

  65. Guest-1834423033 says:

    Can you put it into two seperate files (resource pack file and a Behaviour pack file) so that Xbox players can use it

  66. Guest-8686244917 says:

    no funciona

  67. Guest-9503677451 says:

    Stolen textures from infinite minds

  68. Guest-8474227069 says:

    its not working 🙁

  69. Guest-1541869563 says:

    nice! i love it!

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