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Published on June 08, 2021

More Types Of Pillagers Add-on

PIllagers are easy to fight right? Because they have only one variant. Well in this add-on will add more Pillager Variants now they are difficult to fight them. This are the variants.

Created by Inwardwolf61415

YouTube Inwardwolf addon Creator

This are


This Pillagers are using sword to defend there self they can run faster than normal Pillager but they have de same health

Archer Pillager

This Pillagers are like to normal one but will shoot more arrows and has a more health than the normal and also can run faster than normal one

Assassin Pillager

Assassin Pillagers are has a ability to teleport fast to there target but they have the same health to the normal Pillager

Miner Pillager

This Pillagers won't Attack Villagers Player snow golem and Irongolems they job is only to dig a gold and send it to there base

Flag Pillager

This Pillagers will call reinforcements to beware of this Pillager

SwordPillager With Shield

This Pillagers is one of the reinforcements called by flag Pillager this Pillagers are very strong and they use as tank to Attack because they equipped will heavy shield and Sword that's why they are strong

Wizard Pillager

This Pillagers are the same ability from wizards but they will shoot more small fire ball and has a more health than the Witch

Remote Pillager

Oh remote Pillager!. This Pillagers are will shoot many many arrows and fast and they are strong and they use as tank and can run very fast

Battle Machine

When the raid is over then the battle Machine will Attack now battle Machine is the most strongest invention of Pillagers they machine is made of iron block and Wood

If your gonna use the add-on or you make a video please don't use your own link use the MCPEDL link or else I will report you

Credit me if you want and for respect

Use the texture and the model if you want


Click Here to download

Go to your Minecraft app

Wait until the successfully imported Show

Then Create new world

Apply both resources and behavior

Then play

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PLEASE make a more types of villagers addon
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Why is there a baby pillager swordsman?
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Can you update it to the full version of 1.17 and not the beta one
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PLEASE ADD THIS ADDONS IN A RAID BATTLE ONLY AND I WILL ADD THIS IN MY SERVER and if we finished the raid you will be giving a thropy as a reward😉😍😇👍🏻
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