Published on March 07, 2024 (Updated on May 29, 2024)

MrCrayFish Furniture Add-on V1.1 (Unofficial Port) for 1.20.30+

The MrCrayFish Furniture Add-on is an unofficial port of the original Minecraft Java mod. This Add-on enriches your gaming experience by introducing a variety of furniture, each available in different types of wood and colors.

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New update! New blocks added! Updated for 1.20.70+

List of added blocks:

  • White Trampoline
  • Light Gray Trampoline
  • Gray Trampoline
  • Black Trampoline
  • Brown Trampoline
  • Orange Trampoline
  • Red Trampoline
  • Yellow Trampoline
  • Green Trampoline
  • Lime Trampoline
  • Light Blue Trampoline
  • Cyan Trampoline
  • Pink Trampoline
  • Magenta Trampoline
  • Purple Trampoline
  • Blue Trampoline


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Can you use another download link that ISNT LINKVERTISE? That site makes you wait 1 hour between downloads and god knows how many malware that website has
Also omg if it wasnt for the adblocker I wouldnt be able to even open ONE link from the trashy website you are using to get the downloads
love it can u please do the backpacked, vehicle mod,mighty mail,backpacker, goblin trader, gun mod and can u also do moreplayer, Varied Commodities, Custom NPCs,Animal Bikes, chisel and bits please if you can
is this the best furniture mod ever
The Official Rusher5Gaming June 07, 2024 at 12:28 am
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FNaF Build & Decor
Does anyone have this issue on xbox one sx i have to control one for my wife & me and when i installed this mod everything was working great until my wife joined the game so then which all of the modded items got corrupted and were all dirt blocks with question marks does anyone know how to fix this problem
I really love mrcrayfish mods and thanks to you now I can play on bedrock that be 100000 stars out of 100000 stars and I would/want to know if anyone can make more of mrcrayfish mods
how i add this on minecraft pe?
como adiciono isso no minecraft pe?
when are you going to make mrcrayfish guns addon?
Hello everyone, I really don't know why your game can crash, I have tested it on devices with 4Gb and 6Gb of RAM and it works fine. The only devices that can cause a crash are those with 2Gb RAM (Even the game sends a warning that it will no longer be able to receive updates). This problem is not something I can fix.
me encanta sus addons, gracias por estar siempre actualizando y mejorando su trabajo :)
makes my game crash when I have it on :(