Nether Bees

This addon adds new bees to the game they are nether bees I only make this addon because striders look like prehistoric bees 

Adds mobs and items to the game


  • Attacks players and normal bees
  • Spawns in nether (Also if the nether bees didn’t spawn you can use spawn eggs)
  • Nether bees have rectangular eyes same to goats
  • Baby nether bees follow parents
  • Can be breed with flowers
  • Nether bees drops bee flesh and stinger
  • Gives wither effect

Bee flesh pie

Gives blindness and hunger

Compressed stinger

Stinger sword

Changelog View more
  • New texture 
  • New code
  • New size (1.8)
  • Now pollinates warped/crimson fungus (very rare)


Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

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  1. Guest-2572413535 says:

    Excellent addon! You should make hives for them next, they could look like the glowing shroom block but have holes, and instead of honey when you harvest them, you could collect sticky blood! Keep up the good work!

  2. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can i use this in my addon, i will give you credit.

  3. Guest-4203931072 says:

    Hey addon creator can you change how the spowan egg look

  4. PrinceMJ says:

    Amazing addon dude very unique i love the models it’s so cute also i did an addon review kn my channel goodluck on future addons!!! 😀

  5. Hermit says:

    hello PancakeEpicX,
    I am HermitMira,I can reprint your addons and translate it to China Minecraft Resource platform?
    It’s not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!

  6. These look sick, and great idea!

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