Nether Overworld Texture Pack

This texture pack does not add blocks, items, mobs, or behaviors into the game, it only changes the textures to make the Overworld (hopefully) look similar to the Nether in the 1.16 update. It does however greatly change the texture of most blocks found in the overworld.

This texture pack uses many textures from the 1.16 update (except the shroomlight), but I had to take some liberties since changing only some blocks would make the pack feel incomplete.

One example of this would be the woods. I replaced Oak and Birch with Crimson and Warped respectfully, but I wanted to change the other four woods, so I made up some new wood types.

  • Spruce turns into Shadow wood
  • Jungle turns into Overgrown wood
  • Acacia turns into Skeletal wood
  • Dark Oak turns into Blazing wood

My personal favorite one is the Blazing wood since a lot of the blocks made from it are animated (specifically the door and planks, but the other blocks look cool too). I also had to make a new texture for the boats since the developers seem to not want to add boats for the new wood types.

I also made sure that some biomes had a theme, for example I made sure the desert looked as close as possible to the upcoming Soul Sand Valley biome.

I wanted the snow biome to have an obsidian/volcanic ash theme since it doesn’t make sense for snow to be in the Nether.

And some biomes are… more of a mix so to say… (and yes it rains lava and “snows” ash)

Some mayor blocks/items changed would be:

  • Woods
  • Diamonds (now are Netherite)
  • Stone and variants (now are Basalt)
  • Grass (with Nylium)
  • Snow (with Ash)
  • Zombies, Creepers, Villagers, Husks, Skeletons, Strays, Rabbits, Fish, Polar Bears, Bats and Chickens (have had their texture changed to be more “nethery”)

Changelog View more
  • Changed pig texture to match zombie pigmen.
  • Changed cow texture to match blazing wood/saplings.
  • Changed mushrooms, huge mushrooms, mooshrooms, and mycelium to match skeletal and blazing saplings.
  • Changed Lilac, Sunflower, Bamboo, Rose Bush, Peony, and other flowers.
  • Changed ice and packed ice to obsidian glass and crying obsdian.
  • Changed fox to match shadow warts and ash.
  • Changed crops to be variants of netherwart: crimson wart (wheat), warped wart (potato), burnt wart (baked potato), shadow wart (carrot), golden wart (golden carrot), overgrown wart (beetroot).
  • Changed farmland texture.
  • Changed hay bale texture to match netherwart.
  • Changed pufferfish and tropical fish bucket texture.
  • Changed cooked cod and salmon texture to match raw variants.
  • Fixed crafting table and lectern particles.
  • Changed bookshelf to match crimson wood.
  • Changed bread and sugarcane texture.
  • Changed villager biome textures for plains, savanna and taiga. Zombie villager skins are WIP.


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  1. Guest-9502969298 says:

    when i try to download it, it says that it’s not a valid zip archive.

  2. Guest-3238610854 says:

    it won’t work

  3. Guest-6716264475 says:

    This is amazing!

  4. Guest-8330477116 says:

    are you going to newer version

  5. Guest-8330477116 says:

    are you going to update it soon

  6. Guest-5623626961 says:

    i dont think

  7. Guest-3391242825 says:


  8. Guest-5647959957 says:

    AAAWWWWEEESOOOOMMMMEEE ever since I saw the Crimson and warped wood I wanted to have a neon green wood type tysm!

  9. LugiaGamerYT says:

    Hey could I work with you with a new texture pack that popped up in my head called bad future from sonic cd texture pack

  10. Guest-3789185836 says:

    If the overworld is the nether than what is the nether

  11. BoxCatMC says:

    I was actually gonna make a texture pack just like this too, No joke.

  12. Guest-8179582826 says:

    Yo I don’t know how the HECK you can make a texture pack this awesome but somehow you did it and I congragulate you and your efforts

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