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Published on March 21, 2020 (Updated on May 01, 2020)

Nether Survival Base

Tired of living in the Overworld? This map is just for you! This map has everything you need from housing, farms and storage! Of course, you still need some blocks and items, so before you step in to the portal, make sure you are ready!

Welcome to the new and improved Nether Survival Base! It's bigger, better and more spacious than ever before!

This map is recreated in new world for the latest beta—to the house and all of the structures I have built in the last update, along with some new ones!

This map is also playable in multiplayer with an all-new area, Housing Area! There are 4 houses in this area and some storage and basic crafting blocks as well. There is also a small camping area to chill with your friends!

• Features:

- Bigger, better and more spacious than before!

- Minor updates and changes to all existing builds!

- A new Housing Area, where your friends can live and chill by the campfire!

- Over 3 new builds to see and discover, from stables, vault and many more!

- Now built in the Crimson Forest, so no more endermen getting random blocks!


 • The House

• The Soulsand Watchtower

The Basalt Ruins

• The Brewing Tree

• The Enchanting Area

• The Strider and Hoglins Stables

The Vault

The Storage Area

The Nether Bridge

 The Respawn Shrine

The Lodestone Point

The Housing Area

Special thanks to:

@LadyCrystal9 (💎 Crystal 💎) for building the awesome Nether bridge for the pathway!


Please play in the Minecraft 1.16 beta in order for the map to work!

Thank you for downloading my map and please rate my map 5 stars! And follow me on Twitter: @justaplayermc

Select version for changelog:


• Updated description!

• Fixed some typos and some stuff.


This map has a .zip file. If the .mcworld file doesn't work, download the zip and follow MCPEDL's Instructions listed on the website.

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4.67 / 5 (18 votes)
Is this available when 1.16 fully releases? Because I downloaded the map in a earlier version and waiting for 1.16 to release!
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Guest-9145563350 May 21, 2020 at 4:31 pm
Its attractive and creativity but its not a survival base and there has no resources in the chest I will give 3 star
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The reason I didn't place items in those chests are only for storage. They are not meant to have items inside them. Anyway, there is a chest at the spawn that has items that will help you throughout your journey to the Nether.
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Guest-1996256201 May 16, 2020 at 2:51 pm
This map just looks amazing. I downloaded it a while ago and I use this as my main survival world. Good job and I hope more updates are coming.
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Why does The Minecraft Twitter didnt listen to us because we want the Nether update for IOS?
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Guest-9133602428 May 12, 2020 at 6:21 am
You said don't open the chest because it's junk..? That's not a junk bro it's bonus chest haha?
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Haha xD. Just a bonus chest for every player that downloaded this map. It's a thanks and a reward for downloading the map. Thank you for the review!
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Guest-2100470921 May 01, 2020 at 2:28 pm
This looks awesome!!!! Does anyone know when the update releases? I have iOS and I’m getting so impatient!!!!
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Wow I loved this map you made a lot of progress on it I have a question for you creator, how long does it take to build this? I really want to know because it looks insane!!
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It took me two weeks! But it was worth it. Thank you for the review! :)
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I need help from anyone that has uploaded maps on mcpedl
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Update soon? Soon. It's me, dalvbelbevas
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Awesome! One question though, how do you find the vault?
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Forgot to rate lol
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Thank you for the rating! For the Vault, it has two different colored doors. Behind the house
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This map is really cool! Also if you want to get Minecraft 1.16 on bedrock I know how! If so read the rest, Make sure all of your worlds have copies as you cannot play them after the beta, Next go to Microsoft and if you haven't already download Xbox Insider Hub, Finally go to the insider content page and press Minecraft, then press manage and finally choose windows ten and let Minecraft update!
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its such a very very very coool base bro keep being awesome
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Pls Add A Strider Pen
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Alright! Thank you for the feedback!
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I would have loved this but my minecraft windows 10 edition won't update to the new version so it say it can't go in the game but it say that the level saved in a newer version of the minecraft. can someone please tell me how to update my minecraft windows 10 edition!
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I think you can sign up for beta in the windows store. You can sign up there
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The .mcworld file isn’t working. I’m on an IOS device and it still isn’t working
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IOS doesn’t have the update...
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