Published on April 21, 2024 (Updated on April 21, 2024)

Netherite Re-Imagined

Discover the Nether in a whole new way with our "Netherite Reimagined" pack! Get awesome armor and weapons that look amazing and powerful. It's like a whole new Minecraft adventure waiting for you!

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To that one guy who said I stole this, please at least say what made you think I stole this, And the Tedd in Planet minecraft is me of course. Imagine having the thought of me stealing this, is that how jealous you are?
THATS BECAUSE YOU DID, YOU STOLE AND RETEXTURED "Armors Reimagined!" by KnalMika and also used "Spryzeen's Knight Armor [Bedrock Edition]" in several other pack, report this thief.
one is even on mcpedl, the one called "Armor's Reimagined!", how pathetic you are.
Keep yapping no proofs, aint going to change anything stay mad 🥺🤡