Published on April 21, 2024 (Updated on April 21, 2024)

RefinementX [ Hearts, Icons, & Effects ]

Introducing "RefinementX," your ultimate Minecraft refinement pack. Experience enhanced heart, hunger, and effect icons, alongside a sleekly redesigned crosshair. Navigate with ease using numbered hotbars and slidebars, ensuring effortless access to your arsenal. Dive into a world of refined gameplay and aesthetics with "RefinementX."   

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Changes -
Heart Icons
Hunger Icons
Effect Icons
Numered Hotbars/Slidebars

Features -
Can Switch Between [ Dark Mode ] & [ Default ] UI's



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The mood is very beautiful but there is a problem in the User Destination UI Can you delete Or put a link more than one choose link copy effect health and hunger from separate from the destination of the user please
Lo intento meter a Minecraft pero no aparece que se importo y lo busco en lastexturas y no aparece podrías arreglarlo?

Edit: ya encontré el problema. Hay que eliminar el nombre que está entre los paréntesis cuadrados. Te recomiendo arreglar eso
Thank You for pointing the problem.. I will fixing be that as soon as possible

Translate - Gracias por señalar el problema. Lo corregiré lo antes posible.
I have fixed the file.. Thank so much!!!
I really appreciate it

Translate - Lo he arreglado. ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Realmente lo aprecio!