Published on May 21, 2021 (Updated on August 09, 2021)

New Creeper Animations

New creeper animations

Hey! were you waiting for this?! oh.... no? .... well ... it doesn't matter anyway I publish it XD

This texture pack adds an incredible improvement to all the animations of the creeper, adding things not seen in texture packages of this style, this new texture pack changes the static and move animations of the creeper, to a more noble and animated style, the legs use a weird system for better flexibility, the static animations have a secret animation every so often

and I need to clarify that this texture pack does not support model modifications, modified textures do work

please read the message at the comments

The walking animation uses an adaptation system to give it a more realistic style when touching the ground, and the static only when standing still without playing any of the other animation



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In this version the bug is corrected that makes the animations they do not reproduce correctly


To download this texture just click on where the download file is and it will automatically download to your device, then click on the file and your minecraft will run, and then you can put it in your world or in your default textures, and you can enjoy this plugin


  • new_creeper_animations.mcpack (22.35 KB)

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Salmule you have to put them into one download link please!
Make enderman have the same animations as the enderman in fresh animations
i can't do it, the java mods/texture packs have something called licence of copyright and i can't breake this licence
Hey, you should put all of you animation pack into one, also nice animations 5/5
Your animations addons are so cool can you also make one for the ghast please :)
Genial tardate lo que quieras
all your animations are beautiful, could you please make one of the wolf and the domestic wolf?
Could you just put all the texture packs in one download link, its incredibly annoying to have to download them then put them all in separately
tu trabajo es excelente!! las animaciones le dan vida al juego todas me parecieron maravillosas y estoy muy ansioso por tus próximos trabajos ^^ solo tuve un pequeño error al usar las animaciones del creeper y el zombie juntas, solo se reproduce la de uno de los dos, pero fuera de eso todo va perfecto, sigue así :D
when combined
same pack zombies,
eh even bugged the creeper -_
plise fix bug
What animation you working on next
wow you fix the bug. thank you! and I support you.
Can you also create wolf animation when tamed i would love to see that
can you make a all mob animation pack or most mobs
amazing pack. thanks for fixing it
you could make an animation package for the skeleton so that it has a smoother and more realistic animation with arc on bone