Published on December 22, 2021 (Updated on May 24, 2022)

Simple Iron Golem Model

If you are tired of seeing the Iron Golem and want it to look different, use this resource pack as it will change the model of the golem for a new one and give it a new look.

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----------------- Changues -----------------

  • Changes to the pivots of the model.
  • Fixed the bug that the golem did not execute the attack animation.
  • Change to the idle animation since the previous one was not noticeable.


Supported Minecraft versions


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No funciona el enlace de descarga :/
Me acabk de dar cuenta que si funciona perdon
fix ur damn download link!
Reminds me of the Copper Golem :(
Me gusto mucho pero nose si es un bug pero el golem no tiene animacion de ataque y eso hace que se vea un poco raro lo podria solucionar y solo me pasa a
Damn That Golem is W I D E
make the iron golems have green eyes and change the flowers(dandelions) into roses (poppies)
literally, it only changes the model. the texture is still the default so if you want a change, make it your own damn self. i know i did. and the model just uses the texture from the vanilla game and/or a texture pack. so again- make it your own damn self!