Are you bored against ordinary mobs and are too weak for you, you want a challenge against a strong and not weird boss shape then this is the addon you’re looking for!

Normal Boss

This add-on contains normal boss with a lots of health point and large size, from ordinary mobs and this addon is suitable for you who want to create a pve, dungeon map or something.

And many more bosses that you can kill!

Note: This boss is not yet available in any biome so you can’t find this boss in survival without the help of creative mode If you want summon this boss you can use spawn egg, or you can just type “pa:(nameboss)”.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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56 Responses

2.85 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. DylanMan says:

    Can i use this for my map i will give credits plsss i beg you

  2. Skeleton_x* says:


  3. Guest-7681401859 says:

    1.40.60 ver. here working fine no problem just make it natural spawn in the next update so we can enjoy this addon.. five stars

  4. Guest-1153999365 says:


  5. Guest-2551974964 says:

    very good addon

  6. I’m so sorry for you’ll, i think this addon it’s only work on version Minecraft 1.16+ beta, I’ll try to make this addon can support below 1.16+.

    • can you make it so they have custom bossbars?

      • Which version of minecraft are you using now, actually there is a boss bar on the main screen, I play on version 1.16+ beta, sorry if this addon doesn’t work properly on your minecraft.

        • Nice! ive been looking for an addon like this for ages! im very exited for WoA. keep up the good work!. are we goibng to be able to rename the bosses and also rename the bossbar?

    • and I ask for help with those of you who use guess accounts always keep me sayin “this is scam” I’m sorry to have harmed you, I don’t know you, and I never expected to get money from here, if you have a problem with me you can talk to me via twitter. please don’t be cowardly like that 😅.

  7. Guest-8558346232 says:

    good addon but it wont work so 1 star until it works

  8. Guest-3662025438 says:


  9. Guest-4679620728 says:

    trash addon

  10. Guest-1843798233 says:

    Guys instead of complaining about this add-on maybe this add-on is only work for 1.16, cuz it’s works on me

  11. Guest-7745853891 says:

    this is a scam so you make money

  12. Guest-1032731671 says:

    I download and Use it on my world and nothings happen I am using a toolbox with hp bars but still the hostile mobs still 20/20 why..??? is this a scam…??? why allows scam addon/texture/shader here..

    • Guest-9402480940 says:

      Don’t say that if you are still in a guest, try using your account, then you can say that

      • Guest-7957503635 says:

        what do you know about scam, you just only know meaning of scam is lie on you isn’t, no you re wrong kid

  13. AggelSparda says:

    How to summon boss? I tried with summon command, but it only gives me normal mob

  14. Guest-7033344952 says:

    fake addon, there is no bossbar so its not a boss.

  15. Guest-7545530588 says:

    addon wont work

  16. Guest-7734855937 says:

    Do you need to turn on experimental mode if not ill download it

  17. Guest-4105685499 says:

    do these have custom bossbars?

  18. Guest-5853764954 says:

    when ever i apply the pack nothing happens

  19. Guest-9559553506 says:

    I need this one, please add more new boss like


  20. Guest-6219453182 says:

    the addon is not working.

  21. blood eye says:

    good idea making a mini boss without making a garbage texture just resize the mob and drop xp

  22. Guest-9063914627 says:

    working on realms?

  23. Ftere says:

    I really like to see that I am not the single people that uses addon maker becouse I don’t really know how to code.

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