Published on October 13, 2019

{OP} Useful Wandering Trader Add-on

Do you hate trading with the Wandering Trader? Perhaps this add-on will help you. Trade emeralds for loads of useful items which otherwise either would have been impossible to trade, or difficult. This add-on was created on accident when I tinkered with the files. Let's start what's new in this add-on..



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geuss wandering traders arent wandering scammers anymore
When I go to activate it just says it's missing one or more dependencies and doesn't work
How to use it on windows 10 format? I place on behaviorpacks folder Minecraft but when i open Minecraft there's nothing on there,help me blyat
Ok now addon on my Minecraft, before i open my world i place your addon on behavior pack then ingame,the trader just like normal trading,not so OP,why?
I’m getting a download error. Can you please fix?
I want gulag time tho 8-(
Ya, yg lain orang luar. Dia sendiri Indonesia.
sama kita orang indo
Nice Add-On! But too OP.. maybe increase the emerald prices?
Good addon except I am not getting level 30-40 enchantments. 4 stars until fixed. ??
this is so OP, don't use this in survival world
Thank you for making a link thwt doesnt have a thousand pop up also this mod will be useful wonder traders are a loss in normal survival but this addon changes that :D
Yay now i can get all of the achievements without using creative
They're so overpowered