Published on March 31, 2021 (Updated on March 31, 2021)

Order of Blocky Skin Pack

Skin pack containing custom made skins based off of the members of the order of blocky or OOB for short. This pack is a part of the series of packs created for the Charles SMP.

This pack contains the current and past members of the order of blocky (oob) from seasons 7-8 of the Charles SMP.


the skins 


In game photos 


The order of blocky 

the order of blocky was created in early season 7 during the spawn war under the name “Order of the block”. The order had a longhouse in Charlesonia which was built by wailky for a sum of diamonds. The order really didn’t see a lot of action in season 7 however the very name would bring fear to those who did too much trolling. At the end of season 7 the order was disbanded and the longhouse burned. 

After the rise of factionalism in season 8, prominent unificationalists Broba, and Blocky reformed the order of blocky to deal out revenge upon the Factionalists. They saw their first real action at the battle of port jimothy where they were essential to the defeat of the factionalists there. 

Order of blocky symbols 


Official flag of the order 



The order’s longhouse (season 7) 

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•updated the skins 

•added in game photographs 

•did a little trolling 


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Did you use the tf2 logo for the order of blocky banner?