Published on April 30, 2024

Outlined Ore x Shorter Swords

This, upcoming collab with a pack called Outlined Ores is now finally released!Now its just like an PVP Pack that helps you see more by just holding your sword!.  Remember when your first time fighting mobs or, entitys? And your problem was probably why you cant see enough while holding the sword. Well Outlined Ores x Shorter Swords will and might help you to get better at fighting, and also earn more achievements!. This is a PVP like pack that helps you with fighting and other stuff that has something to do with combat, fighting!

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  • Fixed file name and material bin
  • Fixed png on mcpack not loading
  • Fixed crashing



  • Outlined_Ores_x_Shorter_Swords.mcaddon (421.51 KB)


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