Published on April 02, 2024 (Updated on April 01, 2024)

Trailers Vision++

This is Trailers Vision, An Texture Pack for Minecraft Trailer Lovers, It makes you feel like your in the literal Minecraft Trailer! Its also an Texture Pack like Bare Bones, you can also use Bevelled Bones which is an clone of Trailers Vision, and Bare Bones! This pack is compatible for All Device, like IOS, Android, PC. You can use Shaders, Graphics and, Better Visuality’s for more better experience! Just like PC users, BSL Shaders and Complimentary is an RTX Shader that makes it look like the best trailer upgrade!But what about Android and IOS?…. well. This Texture X Shader is for Both Devices!

Trailers Minecraft is an popular Texture Pack on PC because lowresbones made an new and suprisingly BEAUTIFUL! But on Android or Ios? Well there is some but it isnt quite that good enough?… Well there is some shaders for RTX support devices!.. But some of the low end devices are complaining… Minecraft has been changed since Render Dragon Supported Shaders ruined the whole shader community. But this is a way to fix it! I made an pack that doesnt support renderdragon trailers! This is for the people who are using or currently in low end device. This is a pack you can download to replicate The trailer!

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  • Fix bugged skys
  • Fixed color water
  • manifest.json added to TID Shader



  • 571395.mcpack (8.57 MB)
  • 595672.mcpack (1.07 MB)
  • 644270.mcpack (3.52 MB)
  • 645239.mcpack (2.21 MB)
  • 645324.mcpack (35.52 KB)
  • 649164_2.mcpack (15.89 MB)
  • TrailersVision.mcpack (34.09 MB)
  • Trailers_upgrade_.mcpack (34.09 MB)

Installation Guides

Does this contain shaders? but Minecraft can no longer install shaders, right? or do we have to use Minecraft patch?
you dont need to use patched, its optional thouh