Published on March 19, 2018 (Updated on July 17, 2023)

Parkour Islands

Parkour Islands is one of the biggest parkour maps available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (MCPE) made by ExamineCat (previously known as Examinedcat669). It currently features nine levels and a Tutorial to help you get started. Nothing ever gets boring as there is a good variety of jumps and obstacles. Level 9 The Trials comes with new and unique parkour challenges for you to jump into, and now there are Achievements for you to unlock! Stay tuned for more on Discord or Twitter. We hope you'll have fun in Parkour Islands!

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  • Added 1.20.10 to the list of supported versions.
  • Updated the Creator section in the Main Description.

Note that for some reason, signs using § color codes continue to be darker as of the latest version of Minecraft. Please vote for the issue on

Also, please vote for honey block sliding to get fixed.


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Can I take the video of this map and put it on youtub. (Gameplay video) Don't worry, I'll give your name in the description.
Sure go ahead! Just make sure to put the link to the MCPEDL page in the description. Thank you! :)
Great map, very challenging. Thanks for spending time creating the project for us
P.S. The new snowball function doesn't seem to do anything. Plz help
Hi! Sorry for the late response. I'm glad you enjoyed the map! :D Regarding the new snowball function, you're supposed to drop it on the ground (it'll summon a boat) then throw it to be teleported to the boat.
With version 0.1.5, i still cant get past the black tower. I can jump on the first purple block with the gray border but then I cant get too the next block.... It is too high it looks like.
Could you please send me a screenshot of the block you're referring to?

Discord: ExamineCat#2237
Twitter: @ExamineCat

BTW, sorry for the late response.
Hi, sorry for replying a year later... You must've been referring to the shulker box jumps. You have to open the shulker box, and then jump.
I now added a sign that informs you of this when you reach that part.
hey so ive downloaded it but i dont know how to open and play it in minecraft please can you help? :(
Hi! Sorry for the late response. What device are you using?
I forgot to tell you, but please tell me the history of parkour Island.
It's available in the Discord server.
Full released soon?
No, there's still a lot that I want to add to the map before full release. There's also a lot of changes I wanna make.
This map is fantastic. I've been waiting for the ninth level for a long time and I'm glad I was able to finally play. Can't wait for the final level.
Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it! I'm also glad that I was able to release the ninth level to you, and the rest of the fans. Glad, you're waiting for the tenth level, but keep in mind there's more content coming for the ninth level. :D
Your welcome. And as a fellow creator, I'd like you to also try my map as it is extremely good.
I don't know if you'll see this, but Trials 6-10 are finally out with v0.1.6. You may want to check them out.
Ok, everyone, just a disclaimer, none of the jumps are impossible. I played this myself, and cleared all of the stages PROPERLY. Ok? Cool.
Turns out there is one impossible jump. It is a jump in the obsidian tower part at level 5. I noticed it while working on v0.1.5, it looked a bit off, so I tried doing it multiple times without succeding, so I have changed it. I don't know how I didn't notice it before, and neither has anyone else, since no one has reached out to me complaining about it, or reporting it. Except one person named "Anonymous" here on MCPEDL, but they weren't very specific about it. It has been fixed in v0.1.5, which is coming out very soon! Hopefully before July.
Huh, because if I remember correctly, all of the jumps were possible... Weird...
cool .. but can you please add quad jumps(4 blocks jump) to make it more challenging.. tnx..
Maybe, but I'm pretty sure the map has enough challenging bits already. Though I guess I could add those in a future level.
Yeah, this is good enough as it is, in terms of difficulty. And, for future updates, NO NEOS! I can't even do a single. But, overall, good map!
There are two quad jumps in the Tutorial... :) I haven't included them anywhere else, because I know most players would struggle with them and probably get stuck. The Tutorial can be skipped, so players can decide whether they want to learn how to do quad jumps and go through two of them. In v0.1.4-v0.1.5, there were some diagonal four block jumps in Level 8, but I now changed them in v0.1.6 as they were quite difficult to pull off.
Piston jumps are impossible April 23, 2019 at 8:32 am
Piston jumps impossible
You can made an entire account called "Piston jumps are impossible" just to say that "Piston jumps impossible"? I'm still confused to this day... How are piston jumps impossible?
Oops, spelling mistake. Read my comment without the "can".
Hated it jumps were impossible
What jumps are impossible? I've tested all of them, and they are all possible, but I'll take a guess... The jumps from level 2? The three block upward jumps? Those jumps are indeed possible. You need to sprint forward, and as soon as you're out of the block you are jumping from jump. You gotta be quick to jump, but don't sprint and jump at the same time. Start sprinting first, and as soon as you're out of the block jump.
Hey! I would like to talk about my last response, and how I said I've tested all of the jumps, and they that they are all possible. It seems I didn't notice that one of the jumps in the obsidian tower at level 5 is not possible. I noticed it wasn't possible while working on v0.1.5, as the jump looked a bit off. I do indeed test the jumps, but in creative while I work on the map, just seems that I didn't notice that there was one that wasn't possible, so my apologies for assuming you were just having trouble with the jumps from level 2, which I've seen quite a few people have problems with those, but they are possible. Please be more specific next time.
This comment has been removed
Okay, so I know my last response was me guessing you were having trouble with the jumps from level 2, because usually people have problems with those. But, while working on v0.1.5 I think I have found a jump that is indeed impossible. It is a jump in level 5 in the obsidian tower, not sure if that is the one you meant. You should of specified. I have in fact fixed it, and once v0.1.5 is released it should be all good. Please, be more specific next time.
Please remove the part of the description that says:

With this update there’s a few things that need to be changed in the description. The version number that’s below the word changelog, which right now is v0.1.4 should be changed to v0.1.4.1 (Halloween version) as this update is v0.1.4.1 (Halloween version) after a while I might release a non Halloween version of v0.1.4.1 which is why it should include the (Halloween version) text, and the changelog itself should be changed to:

That isn’t intended to be part of the changelog.

Also please make it so that the thumbnail is not just present as the thumbnail, but also present above the 3 pictures in this page.

cool and all but why is the end before the nether?
Because in the first version of the map there were only 5 levels, but I wanted to add a Nether themed level, and since the fifth level was already built and named The End? I couldn't change it, so Level 5 ended up being The End? and Level 6 Into The Nether, but The End still technically goes after the Nether, because Level 10 is The End. Basically Level 5 is like a halfway point to the end which is why it's called The End? and Level 10 is The End. Because it's the real end. Tho Level 9 and Level 10 haven't been added yet, but in the level selection you can see their names. They're coming in the upcoming updates.
Ummmm I don’t know how to get this in PE, it’s not working, plz reply to help
You gotta click the download link, then click the download, and you should get something telling you to open in Minecraft or files. Which device are you using? IOS, Android, or other? If other please tell me which.
Mine says “Open in files”
Does it say open in Minecraft as well, or not? Are you using IOS or Android?