Pause & Freeze Time Addon

This addon allows you to pause and freeze time in your own worlds! Basically, these addons freeze all entities/mobs in your worlds. In the Freeze Time addon, the player can interact with the world still, but time is frozen – however, in the Pause addon the player is also frozen and cannot interact with the world.

Use /function help whilst using this addon to receive information about how to use it.

These addons include:

  • All players are frozen (pause addon only)
  • Arrows and Ender pearl entities are deleted (pause addon only)
  • Players cannot interact with the world and no entities can take damage (e.g. players cannot move, blocks cannot be broken, no health can be lost whilst game is paused and no entities can be damaged – pause addon only)
  • Players can still move & interact with the world whilst frozen (freeze time addon)
  • All Entities & Mobs are frozen (not the player in freeze time addon)
  • Nothing grows, e.g. no crop growth, saplings don’t grow into trees, etc.
  • Stays the same time (e.g. always same time of the day/night)
  • Weather remains the same
  • Natural Regeneration false in freeze time addon (no health healing)

PLEASE NOTE: Enabling cheats is required to use this addon.

Watch video below to see all of these demonstrated in-depth! 🙂

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Addon Creator: jesser101 (Owner of PixelPlay MAPS)

Additional Notes:

If you experience issues with downloading – feel free to join the discord to receive a raw file of the addon!

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1. Down the mcpack or zip file using the mediafire link .

2. Open the downloaded mcpack file for the addon to automatically install into the game!


Supported Minecraft versions


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20 Responses

4.75 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. parviz0909 says:

    when i open it in minecraft it says failed import please help

  2. KineticLawyer42 says:

    I Could Use This To Make A To Be Countinued World!

  3. Bacon3D says:


  4. Jon_Ethan_098 says:

    I love the addon
    Thank you

  5. TinnyTea says:

    You should make an add on where a player can climb like a spider

  6. Jake_CCz says:

    You can easily do this with command blocks already just type inside the command block

    execute @e[type=!player] ~~~ tp ~~~

  7. Matthewthegood1 says:

    HOLY CRAP time stopping is my favorite and my childhood dream, and its on minecraft, im so glad!

  8. TaqqyChips says:

    behold the power of ZA WARUDO

  9. Mark24 says:

    This + free cam addon/toolbox freecam= perfect cinematic view

  10. embersk1es says:

    Hi! Is it okay if I use this in a JoJo in Minecraft video on my YT channel? (It’s family friendly) It’s going to be the first JoJo in MC video on the channel and I’m planning to make it a series. If you agree I’ll credit you in the description and pinned comment plus put a link to this addon. Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

  11. You thought it was a comment but it was I dio

    now all I need is a road roller addon.

  13. CoolManGamingTan says:

    It would be cool to have this function work with pausing, but I think there are a ton of limitations to that.
    but, cool function pack tho I’ll probably use it for adventure maps to play with my friends.

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