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Published on March 27, 2021 (Updated on May 18, 2021)

Perilous Factions Ultimate Download

I've got an epic and functional factions for all you thirsty gamers out there. This will be the factions you've been looking for. Great builds and availability across the board to please your players and friends.


-Shop NPC
-Money Transfer NPC
-Event NPC
-Supporter Showcase NPC
-Home NPC
-Wilderness NPC
-Mine NPC
-Quest NPC
-Interesting Spawn
-World Border
-Donator Kit
-Donator Generators
-Donator Area
-Perma Perks
-Sell & Buy Aisles
-Spawners & Generators
-Other Shop Features

-Full Starter Kit

-Time Out Pit (:


If you like what you see, you can join our discord to be the first to know about new public releases. If you have any problems with the map then open a ticket in the admin support channel and we'll get to you as soon as possible.
We also have a factions realm!​ OR

If you want to change the side text then the command block to do so is below spawn as shown in the image above.

If you'd like a more modernised version of the same factions then get our discord to 700+ members for the new download!

I must advise that there a few bugs on here and events are not set up in this particular version. Furthermore, you will need to add your own content to the crates before you try playing it. Simply go below the crates and fill the chests with whatever you desire. 

Type /tag @s add Admin when you first join. Admin status will void certain effects, gamemode transitions and the home warp may not work until you do /tag @s remove Admin.

To give yourself keys, do /scoreboard players add @s RareKeys 1 and so on.

You Can:

Modify this map.

Use this map for your own realm or server, granted you give us credit.

Make YouTube videos about it.

Reuse our own screenshots for your own desires.

You Can't:

Use different download links.

Claim it as your own.

Sell it.


Download Now For Free! No Annoying AdFly Link!


Select version for changelog:


Made the instructions more clear about where to go for help with technical problems.


Once downloaded just click the .mcworld file and the map will import to your Minecraft, if that doesn't work then rename the file from .mcworld to .zip, decompress it and move the folder to games - com.mojang - minecraftWorlds.

Link not working? Try using a different browser.

Supported Minecraft versions

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I just realised that there's an offer for a cash key in the shop when cash crates don't actually exist in this version. You may want to change it to something else
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How do you get the Starter Book because I can't seem to find it? I need it because I can't seem to get the 50x50 claim to work.
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I'm prob not gonna use this, but respect and props to you man, special a clean link!
here is a 5 star
last msg: love ur doggo pfp :)
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Can You link the mod pack you used in the description I really liked that mod pack
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I don't know how to use the claim, maybe you can help me ?
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i have a suggestion, make the shop and unnecessary entities removed / moved from spawn chunk so our fps goes fine and the world tps too, it literally took me 5 seconds to eat a single gapple, also remove the vanilla texture pack so we can use our own and so on! also make people with admin tag can go back home
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I just realised that there's an offer for a cash key in the shop when cash crates don't actually exist in this version. You may want to change it to something else
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Can I make a realm for this map I will credit you and will not take any of this. As my own but I may alter some things in the map
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Yeah as long as you give us credit where it's due then it's absolutely fine. Good luck with your realm!
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may you please make it available for the education edition. it looks really good and i would love to play it!
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Hey. You could try converting the world into a .zip and placing all the files into a folder where you'll move it into the worlds folder on the education edition. Hope this helps
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The shop is insane love how it's put together
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Thanks we appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you like it
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I am indeed a very thirsty gamer
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