Published on February 17, 2021 (Updated on May 14, 2021)

Pewdiepie's Hardcore World (Fanmade)

If you're into the minecraft community or just the pewdiepie community in general, you've probably heard that he's returned to playing minecraft now for quite a while. He spends hours of his time working on his hardcore world for fun, and this map is a recreation of that. 


Opening the world, you will spawn in an open field near the ocean, you can read the signs on top of the command blocks to inform yourself on what to do. 

After pressing a button to teleport you to his base, you will be in the front of his backyard leading towards his modern house. 

The exterior of his base consists of a villager trading/breeding zone, an automatic industrial farm, a cow and sheep supply section, a Nether Portal as well as a dock beside the mountain. 

There is a railway system that goes to different parts of his base, the interior of the house, exterior and the mines beneath. 

The interior has his storage system, an enchanting room, a glass covered room for his pet bee, and the famous furnace house which he broke down a little to move some furnaces to his super smelter. 

And lastly, just outside his highly fenced off base, is a path to his glass 'meatball' that submerges underwater. It's still unfinished in his series till this very day. 

After contacting the creator and his subordinates, they've given me permission to publish their map as long as it comes with full credit to the creator, C1OUS3R. They make very good recreational maps of famous people, such as DreamSMP content and etc. 

Make sure to support their channel, C1OUS3R as well as support the original builder and starter of the hardcore series, PewDiePie. The map is ready to be explored by players to see his world for themselves. (except for the nether which is bugged)


This is the updated version of the map that's approximately close to his newest stream additions for the past month. His base has turned from a mountain mansion into a fire temple factory filled with automated machines and farms. 

Most of the stuff that you will see on the surface of his base is a storage system with conveyor belts that transport items, farms that supply his emerald economy for his trading farm and a few beacons that give him power.

Outside his base is his glass meatball dome where he takes breaks and fishes alone. Meanwhile under his storage system is his automated super sorting/smelting system with other farms as well. 

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Upgraded the world and split it into two versions, version one with the old look and version two with the latest look of his base. 


Press skip ad, block all incoming notifications and it will go to mediafire after a minute. After downloading, press the file and open minecraft and wait for it to import. 

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Nice ! :D
Can I record a video visiting his base and upload it in YouTube and give download link?
I subscribe to Pewdiepie
Can you make dantdms hardcore world?