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Welcome to Phone Add-on, what is Phone Add-on? Phone Add-on, is a plug-in, dedicated to mobile phones that adds phones in the shape of an object. That is the best, since none of the mobiles replace any original Minecraft object or animal, currently this plug-in is compatible with Android and Windows 10, so there are no compatibility problems either, this plug-in is designed to offer fun to the player, it is not intended for anything else. Yes, to focus on the current models and ranges that exist in the market. The phone plugin has arrived, download it now, what are you waiting for?

Here you will find some images, with the phones and their respective crafting. You will also find below the list of commands




Add-on Commands

 all items:

/function Phone_Addon

Receive Pixi 4:

/give @s telefono:pixi4

Receive iPhone 11:

/give @s telefono:ios_11

Receive s20 Ultra:

/give @s telefono:s20_ultra

Receive Nokia 3310

/give @s telefono:nokia3310

Receive LG k30

/give @s telefono:lgk30

Receive LG k10

/give @s telefono:lgk10

Receive LG K40

/give @s Android:lgk40

Receive LG V60

/give @s android:lgv60

Receive Razr

/give @s android:razr

Receive Xiaomi Redmi 6

/give @s android:redmi6

Receive P40 Lite 

/give @s android:p40lite

receive iPad Pro 2020

/give @s ios:ipad20

receive Huawei P8 Lite

/give @s android:p8lite

receive Samsung A10

/give @s android:a10

receive Samsung A70

/give @s android:a70

receive Samsung P20 Pro

/give @s android:p20pro

receive zte blade a7

/give @s android:ztea7

receive Xiaomi Redmi 8A

/give @s android:redmi8a

receive Samsung A51

/give @s android:a51

receive Note 10 Plus

/give @s android:note10plus

receive iPhone 5S

/give @s ios:iphone5s

receive iPhone 5

/give @s ios:iphone5

receive Nexus 5

/give @s android:nexus5

receive iPhone 6s

/give @s ios:iphone6s

receive Nokia 1208

/give @s android:nokia1208

Thank you for supporting a content creator.

If you want to upload this addon to your YouTube channel you will have to give me the credits and put the official link with advertising

Changelog View more
Three new phones were added the Nokia 1208 The iPhone 6s and the Nexus 5

texture errors were corrected, and three new Phones were added: the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 and the Samsung Note 10 plus

3 new Phones were added, the Xiaomi Redmi 8A, the Blade A7 and the Samsung A51.

new link

3 new Phones were added, the Xiaomi Redmi 8A, the Blade A7 and the Samsung A51

Texturing bugs fixed, also added 5 new mobiles including the first iPad of the Add-on

Texturing bugs fixed, also added 5 new mobiles including the first iPad of the Add-on

Texturing bugs fixed, also added 5 new mobiles including the first iPad of the Add-on

Crafting was rewritten and bug fixes, link was also changed

was added:

  • LG k40 
  • LG V60
  • Motorola Razr
  • Xiaomi Redmi 6
  • Huawei P40 Lite


New Phones

  • LG K10
  • Nokia 3310
  • LG K30


They were added:

  • Nokia 3310
  •  LG K10
  • LG K30

New new phones will be added in the next version

 I thought that was to put my YouTube channel but I fixed it

We will add more mobiles

There is nothing new in the Add-on


-fixed download links


- Fixed download links 

  What's New in Version 1.0.4

-Added a more detailed presentation.

 Novedades de la versión 1.0.4

-Added a more detailed presentation.

            !!New changes!!

Fixed bugs in the Add-on

Fixed s20 texturing bug, also iPhone 11


Se a modificar la presentación del Add-on,

También se reparo el error de textura:

Los moviles no se ven enteros

The Spanish language has been implemented on the page.

I will soon release an English version of the Add-on


I downloaded the Add-on, then there will be it with Minecraft automatically, the Add-on will be imported into Minecraft 


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Isma2732 says:

    It is really good but I think that you should add the Samsung S9


    Mate how do i even download it it wouldn’t let me get it ,it just says “UPDATE” pls make a mediafire link for this

  3. hdhdfhhdhdhhd says:

    Can you make an adfly link?
    It will still support you
    And its easier

  4. Kourtis123 says:

    Guys Alcatel Pixi 4 is my old real phone and i installed an Samsung ROM in it and now it don’t work but I buyed an new phone and I will no install ROMs again

  5. RobertX says:

    Thanks for the support, from here I ask you to tell me new phones that I can add to the Add-on

  6. pizqin-2tAxzo-zadcij says:

    Man this mod seems so cool sucks I don’t know how to get past the dumb thing.

  7. Yesyes says:

    It says texture didn’t load

  8. Freddricc says:

    My working MinePhone + Your REALLY COOL phone textures = ???

  9. RobertX says:

    I inform you that all the models you ordered will be added in the next version

  10. AppleTD says:

    This was a very good add on I enjoyed it a lot and could you add the LG V60?

  11. SushiGamer123 says:

    Could You Add The Motorola Razr? Btw the add on is Amazing.

  12. RobertX says:

    I am very grateful, since thanks to you my Add-on has achieved more than 2,000 downloads. Thanks to see

  13. Nullsushi says:

    Add the Lg k40 aka my phone please it would be really cool to see my phone in minecraft also my phone is black so if do make it please make it black thanks

  14. KMTrager says:

    It’s cool but they were useless

  15. ChloeVV says:

    How dare you not add the almighty Nokia 3310

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