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Published on September 21, 2020 (Updated on January 03, 2021)

Player Sizes Editer Add-on

You can change player size!

Get Reduce and Expand and click anywhere or use them.(in scoreboard mode)

This will adjust the player allocation score of the "scale" on the scoreboard.

The tags that adjust the score and scale of the scale scoreboard correspond.

Currently, I am trying to create a function that allows me to change my gaze when I resize it. There are many problems with this function, so I can't use it yet, but I will try my best to develop it

If you don't want to resize through the scoreboard, you can use Tag mode 

Then you can adjust the scale with tags.

There's an introductory video that's easy to watch on my YouTube


my video

player sizes editor addon showcase

scaleP:expand(scoreboard mode)

scaleP:reduce(scoreboard mode)

scoreboard mode items

To get these items, you have to use the command below.

/give @s scaleP:reduce

/give @s scaleP:expand

/function give_item

scoreboard mode

hold expand or reduce and use or touch (LeftClick,RightClick)

then it will be works

In scoreboard mode, tags are executed in place of scores on the scoreboard.

if you want to show with scoreboard

use this command below here

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar scale ascending 

(At the same time as entering the world, a basic scoreboard will be set)

If you want to sense that, look at this table below and use the scoreboard

View and use the scoreboard college entrance list.

  • [scores={"scale"=1}] = scale 0.1
  • [scores={"scale"=2}] = scale 0.2
  • [scores={"scale"=3}] = scale 0.3
  • [scores={"scale"=4}] = scale 0.4
  • [scores={"scale"=5}] = scale 0.5
  • [scores={"scale"=6}] = scale 0.6
  • [scores={"scale"=7}] = scale 0.7
  • [scores={"scale"=8}] = scale 0.8
  • [scores={"scale"=9}] = scale 0.9
  • [scores={"scale"=10}] = scale 1.0
  • [scores={"scale"=11}] = scale 1.1
  • [scores={"scale"=12}] = scale 1.2
  • [scores={"scale"=13}] = scale 13
  • [scores={"scale"=14}] = scale 1.4
  • [scores={"scale"=15}] = scale 1.5
  • [scores={"scale"=16}] = scale 1.6
  • [scores={"scale"=17}] = scale 1.7
  • [scores={"scale"=18}] = scale 1.8
  • [scores={"scale"=19}] = scale 1.9
  • [scores={"scale"=20}] = scale 2.0
  • [scores={"scale"=21}] = scale 3.0
  • [scores={"scale"=22}] = scale 4.0
  • [scores={"scale"=23}] = scale 5.0
  • [scores={"scale"=24}] = scale 10.0

Command Application Example)

/testfor @a[scores={"scale"=4}]

tag mode

This mode literally uses tags.

If you give a person a designated tag, his or her size changes.

However, you need one tag at a time to operate normally, so you have to delete the existing tag and give it a new tag.

tag list

  • S1
  • S2
  • S3
  • S4
  • S5
  • S6
  • S7
  • S8
  • S9
  • S10
  • S11
  • S12
  • S13
  • S14
  • S15
  • S16
  • S17
  • S18
  • S19
  • S20
  • S30
  • S40
  • S50
  • S100

Each tag is applied with a scale × 0.1

ex) S100 = scale 10

And the tags are matched in order from score 1 to 24 on the scoreboard.

ex) S50 = score 23 , S100 = score 24

Select version for changelog:


Re-upload due to download issues

Change Link to MediaFire

When reinstalling, delete existing add-ons from the file and retry.


download .mcaddon file or .zip file

I will upload an introductory video on YouTube. If you subscribe, you can see more useful and funny add-on videos in the future

I'm poor at English because i live in South Korea

so I'm learning English hard

Tell me if there's anything strange part

Do not upload to YouTube or anyother site without my permission

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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3.86 / 5 (7 votes)
This mod is cool, but the items are not showing up, i tiped the command but i didn't found the items pls help :-)
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I really like it, but can you make the small mode be able to go under i blocks without suffocating? And sometimes, it does not work for friends that join my world. Otherwise, great pack. (BTW your english is just fine)
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It says no zip archive
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This is very good.
I did however end up with some slight issues when it came to getting the items. /function give_item did not show up at all and I had to constantly /function to change sizes.
Perhaps you can look into putting the items in the creative inventory as well.
And I hope you can get the POV changing for sizes as well, and make it so that small players don't take damage when going under things.
But don't stress yourself, the bedrock community has been waiting years for some thing like this, and it can certainly wait longer until you figure it out on your own time.
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Awesome addon!! i absolutely loved it!
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Can u go through 1 block holes when you tiny and go over mountain fast when ur big there should be health for each size for example:
Tiny=3 hearts also is super fast
Large=13 hearts super slow but has resistance
Can u do this for the next update for now I give u 4 stars cause I like it
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It says it's not a valid zip archive, but this looks like a good addon. I really want to use it
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Hey I wanted to ask but which is the latest link to the updated newer version of the add-on?
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It's not a valid zip archive, and when I unzip it it's just an empty folder
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Um so how do i download it?
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Pretty good. Heres a list of features you might wanna fix in the v2 one (if you'll ever release that) First of all, tag mode doesnt work at all, you can only use scoreboard mode. When you go under a block when your tiny, itll suffocate you. Also is it possible to altar the screen position basedon your size, small = lower screem vice versa.
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Does it change the view when we expand/reduce?
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Watch the showcase video on my YouTube and try again.
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