Plus Bows (+20 New Bows)


PlusBows is an add-on that adds 20 new bows to Minecraft Pocket Edition, each of these bows has its custom crafting, in addition to its special features, I hope you enjoy the addon a lot

Here is my channel in case you have any questions or suggestions

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Plus Bows adds 20 new bows in Minecraft Pocket Edition, each one has its effects, some bows have dynamite included, with some you can teleport and the best: you will not occupy arrows, these bows are infinite!

Now, I will tell you all the bows that the addon has:

Redstone bow

Emerald bow

Lapislazuli bow

Enderman bow

Netherite bow

Obsidian bow

Tnt bow

Magic bow

Sky bow

Stars bow

Slowness bow

Batman bow

Rainbow bow

Mini bow

Regeneration bow

Now I will show you all the crafting, the damage that each bow does, and if it has any special qualities:

Diamond Bow

12 damage

Gold Bow

8 damage

Iron Bow

8.5 Damage

Redstone Bow 

6 damage

Emerald Bow

9 damage

Lapislazuli Bow

6.5 Now

Enderman Bow

With this bow you can teleport you

Netherite Bow

13 damage

Obsidian Bow 

11 damage

Tnt Bow

3 damage and with this bow you will have dinamite in the arrows

Magic Bow

9 damage and has nausea in the arrows

Sky Bow

6 damage and the arrows has the levitation potion

Stars Bow

10 damage and has poison in the arrows

Slowness Bow

7 damage and has slowness in the arrows

Batman Bow

13 damage and has dinamite in the arrows

Rainbow Bow

4 damage

Mini Bow

1.5 damage

Regeneration Bow

With this bow you can give regeneration to your friend or to yourself

Legendary Bow

14 damage and has dinamite in the arrows

Medieval Bow

3 damage

If you don´t want to make the bows, you can give all the bows with the next command: 

/function Plus_Bows


No add shorters, no direct download

Changelog View more

I had made a mistake translating some words, I just corrected them

I modified the link of download 

Sorry for change the link again :u

I modified the link of download of the addon Plus Bows 

I added information about the review of youtubers, copyright of Plus bows addon



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15 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Hellopeople1300 says:

    Is this compatible with other addons and is it compatable with iOS btw great addon

  2. DTX3 says:

    I’ve created a diamond bow but it doesn’t fire any of my arrows in my inventory?

  3. GoldPlays says:

    Cool addon bro, I have a few suggestions though:
    1) Enderman bow should be called just ender bow
    2) Iron bow should be a bit stronger
    3) Rainbow bow should be called RainBow or something with horrible puns like that and should be crafted with: Red dye, yellow dye, lime dye and lapis/blue dye
    4) medieval bow should have less durability
    5) mini bow should charge or load faster
    Genial complemento hermano, tengo algunas sugerencias:
    1) El arco Enderman debería llamarse simplemente ender bow
    2) El arco de hierro debería ser un poco más fuerte
    3) El arco del arco iris debe estar elaborado con: tinte rojo, tinte amarillo, tinte de lima y tinte lapislázuli / azul
    4) el arco medieval debería tener menos durabilidad
    5) el mini arco debe cargarse o cargarse más rápido

  4. El3erDecibel says:

    What a good addon, I hope that with future updates to MCPE you can improve it even more
    Five Stars 😀

  5. Craftition says:

    Very nice addon

  6. KrakenTubes says:

    Can someone give me the link to mediafire and no linkvertise cause it says I have to download a thing but I do not want to or please just add a adfly link

  7. TheMcLover says:

    Add Wob its bow that shots backwards

  8. GibbsX says:

    Itz definatly 5 star but you shouldnt make the netherite bow cost so much since a bow thats even cheaper (batman bow) is so much stronger or just remove the batman bow completely

  9. Hanzo Momochi says:

    This mod is for PC?

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