スミオ’s Pole-Arms Addon

Have you ever wanted a really long weapon that is not a trident in Minecraft? Sure, there have been plenty of spear addons. But maybe something different? Well, unlike this introduction, here are 5 really long weapons!

This addon adds 5 brand new weapons that don’t replace anything in the game. You can only get them with materials from the wandering trader, at a special price.

That price is Coins! They can be found in dungeon chests rarely. Also, they might look a little familiar…

You can use Coins to buy Weapon Toolkits. These are used to craft the Weapons

You also need iron-strengthened sticks

All of the weapons have the same crafting recipe, with their toolkits

There are 6 Toolkits, the 5 main weapons and one mystery toolkit. The mystery toolkit produces a secret and extremely powerful weapon that you may never afford… The Toolkit is 64 coins..


PixelGun3d Developers

-Coin Texture


I made all the stuff this time 😀

Changelog View more

I literally made everything in the addon and its completely mine. I don’t make money off of it so the coin thing is like irrelevant 

Removed experimental dodging feature. When 1.13 is fixed you could bet that that’d return :)


Straightforward :)

@Suyo69420 on twitter if there’s  a problem


Supported Minecraft versions


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25 Responses

3.82 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-3135387121 says:

    It say Download Failed

  2. TuGaTiToXD says:

    Oye, quiero felicitarte por crear un muy excelente mod/addon es muy divertido, aunque hace falta más imágenes de demostración de ahí en fuera todo bien 😀

  3. Darkend says:

    Hey this is a pretty good addon for me and my brother to play with Thank You very much.

  4. SMALLFONT says:

    スミオ, I want to thank you for giving answers to all the questions asked here.

  5. Steph says:

    Why are there two download links?
    2.-Polearms “-r” .mcaddon
    Which one is right? Or both download the same? Or I need the two?

  6. Doubleslasher says:

    I have an issue where when trying to upload either of the packs, Minecraft will tell me that it is “Not a valid ZIP archive”. Windows 10 btw.

  7. Whoah says:

    Wait pixel gun 3D wow I’m 55

  8. Pro Gamer9778 says:

    It is from pg3d

  9. Lol says:

    Yooo that coin texture is from pixel gun 3d!,makes me think of the old pg3d,
    Too bad pg3d isnt that good now

  10. Zack Taylor says:

    why do people dunt make good addons anymore

  11. MegaZplayer says:

    Why there is a dodge thing that randomly teleports you?

  12. Billibob says:

    Very bad mod unacceptable

  13. DuhVirus says:

    Can you make a way for people in creative to get the coins to test them out?

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