Published on November 25, 2021 (Updated on June 17, 2022)

Prehistoric Animalia Wave 1

Have you ever wanted to experience the obscure Dinosaurs with a slight fantasy vibe that remains grounded and is semi-accurate? Prehistoric Animalia is the perfect choice for you! This addon is by Zuyura and was made by the help of the team on Discord.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gliders slowfall ability
  • Fixed Sabertooth Salmon stop swimming at y32
  • Fixed Atlasaurus being ridable when sitting
  • Fixed tamed Carno follow adults while sitting
  • Fixed Acro Skeleton not dropping on death

Random Changes

  • Tweaked movement speed for Prio while on land
  • Nerfed Tarbo roar ability, now applies strength
  • Made all animations much smoother
  • Prio now attacks salmon but doesn't drop loot from salmon to prevent lag
  • Buffed Prio health
  • Made Carnos scale by age
  • Made Acro and Tarbo models thicker
  • Added secondary idle animation for Steno
  • Sabertooth salmon drop loot now
  • Gliders have jump boost
  • Removed need for player.json

New Content

  • Added Carno mating dance
  • Added running away on low health ability to Carno
  • Added new models/textures for juvenile and baby Tarbo
  • Added new models/textures/animations for Prio
  • Added Ichthyovenator
  • Added Halszkaraptor
  • Added Platyhystrix
  • Added Sharovipteryx
  • Added Ozimek


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I'm sorry to say that, but... The new prionosuchus is C H O N K
Because it should be
i really wish penta was in this addon im kinda sad that it isn't, also cand you guys add custom saddles to the dinos and add skeleton versions of them that would be really cool, oh and i almost forgot can you make priono & icthyo ridable pls.
Penta will be added iirc, saddles are not confirmed. No
Prio won't be ridable, Ichthy has a raised spine. Riding either of them would hurt the animal
Meeponeedstowipehisass June 21, 2022 at 10:41 am
Could you add some flying reptiles that are obscure or overlooked as well?
Some flying reptiles are planned
Why are the dinosaurs not despawning?
Everybody gangsta till the weird spike worm starts getting into someones
He just chillin and glowin in the dark
Great addon!
Love this add-on. Just wanted to say that i love the replies you give to comments, my favourite one is "both are the same, user". Can't wait for the next update.
Those are from the bug fix updates
El complemento es ¡FENOMENAL!
- agreguen crefteo de la armadura y de la espada del Tarbo
- Agreguen más hervivoros medianos y grandes, (Porpongo que el primero sea un ankilosaurido como el Euplosafhalus, saichania o edmontonia y/o un ceratosiano como el Stiracosaurus, pentaceratops o Diceratops (Ya uqe veo que te gusta agregar a dinos poco conocidos)
-Pienso que está demás agregar muchos dinosaurios pequeños, por que el YiQi está de más para un addon como este, quedaría mejor un Velociraptor (De tamaño real 1m de largo y 0.5 de alto)
- Agregar a utro sauropodo de gran tamaño como el Brachiosauruso, seismosaurus titanosaurus y otro de mediano tamaño como el apatosaurus, amargasaurus o diplodocus.
- Agregar un set de armas y armaduras para los dinos más iconicos del addon.
Small creatures are still essential, even Yi qi, which can bring berries to you. If you only focus on the big ones, it's just unfair representation for smaller ones
Recipes, more herbivores, more sauropods and more weapons are all planned
U can add titanoboa?
This is so amazing! I’m a big fan of prehistoric Addons! Is it ok if you can add the Anomalocaris?
Creature suggestions are closed.
I like the mod but can you fix the Tarbosaurus taming because I can’t tamed the Hatchling Tarbosaurus for some reason idk why
Try different food, check if you have experimental on
Such a great addon! But It would be nice to have a flying hostile one? To make the game more s p i c y
Maybe Thalassodromeus? It is a really cool and hot lookin pterosaur. Could be great if it grabs the player away on a tall height and just... Drops

And again cool addon! Wish you the best!
Thanks for the feedback but Pterosaurs mostly likely couldn't pick up humans, even bigger ones like Quetzalcoatlus. Since their feet aren't meant for grabbing and their bones are light and hollow
I have a few suggestions pleas add teratophoneus gorgosaurus almosaurus yutyrannus and santanaraptor also austroraptor and make them tamable
Can you plz make war of the world mod because there is only one and that one only works for Java, and since you are a great animated and moder I thought that you were able to make a 2005 version of war of the world at least the machine. I’ll understand you don’t want to make a war of the world mod but very cool Dino mod, soo mush movement/animation, very detail or realistic, and very fun.
I give it 9.5/ 10, y cause I feel you can do better
Thanks but we aren't doing that
Prehisthoric life April 11, 2022 at 9:19 am
It's two behavior