Published on September 11, 2023 (Updated on September 13, 2023)

Primitive Piglins Resource Pack

This resource pack changes the texture of the piglins to look more like the zombified piglin, fixes the texture of the zombified piglin and his head now has 2 layers, his skull is separated from the skin, and also fixes the zoglin's mane! Also change the color of the hoglin to pink to make it look more like its zombie version. I'm sure these textures look familiar to you, I mean, they look like a pig man!

The helmets have also been fixed for all the piglins, they fit their heads correctly!



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Updated V1.1:

Added two subpackages: Pink Piglins and Tan Piglins.

The piglins' helmets were fixed, they now fit correctly to their heads.

Now the zombie piglin's head has 2 layers, the skull is separated from the skin.

Now the zoglin's texture has its mane, as it should be.


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I was also thinking if it would be a good idea to be able to rename the Zombified Piglin to "Xaphobia" and something like "Xaphobia Classic"

and maybe even renaming the Zombified Piglin something like "Brute" would change it's skin to the unused zombified piglin brute texture

I hope you understand what I'm saying
for the next update can you give Zombie Piglins the Zombie Footstep sounds? and give Hoglins the Correct Zombifying sounds?
This looks great! I'll make sure to also upload these on PlanetMinecraft too! (that is if it's ok with you)
I would however like to suggest some things though..
1. Can you add an option to make the Living Piglin, Piglin Brute, and Hoglin Tan? (The Piglins would still keep their primitive attire and the zombie versions would still be pink)

2. Can you fix the Zoglin/Zombie Hoglin's Mane so that it's 3D like the Living Hoglin?

3. Can you fix/make so that the Zombie piglin's ear is animated/flops when it moves (like a piglin's)

4. Possibly add a 3D headlayer to the Zombie Piglin? (This one I wouldn't prioritize as much)
I forgot to mention that the idea was suggested by Haydencraft2008!