Published on November 07, 2020 (Updated on May 15, 2021)

Prison Island

Have you ever wanted to PVP in a prison? have you ever wanted to play cops n robbers with your friends, have you ever wanted to stage a mock prison riot? have you ever wanted to do literally anything but in a prison isolated on an island away from civilization? well than this is the map for you. feel free to do whatever you want in this map and if you do use it in a YouTube video don't forget to give your fans a link to this map so that they can take part in the fun as well. Also if you are looking to play with others, chat or even help build feel free to join my discord server
Map Made by Swagcaster

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fixed broken windows on the sides of the main building and in the steering room of the tugboat.



  • Swags Prison island v2
  • Copy_of_Swags_Prison_Island_V2.mcworld (11.76 MB)
  • Swags-Prison-Island-V1.2_1606778889.mcworld
  • Swags-Prison-island-version-1.2_1604651172.mcworld

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Anti-link-shortener June 13, 2021 at 2:02 pm
Great map! Maybe add a lockdown and a shakedown or maybe a whole control room even!
Epic! Would like to see your finished city!
You can see my city in its current form by joining my discord and playing with me or downloading new versions of that map when i upload updates
SomeGuyYouMightKnow April 25, 2021 at 4:45 am
Well this is rather... Big
wait a min i see it! you just imported the prison! i can see the cuts! not good
Yes it was imported, from my city world which is where I build all my projects and builds for the most part. I decided that to save people file space I would import the prison to another world with ocean around it and release it as a stand alone map. Another reason for doing this is that the city is unfinished while the prison is finished although I may update it in the future if I have any cool ideas.
Nice map Bro!! I rating 5☆ =D