Published on November 02, 2018 (Updated on April 19, 2022)

ProjectPrehistoric v1.2.0.b6

Credits: HipmanDesignz

Project Prehistoric a Minecraft Bedrock Add-on that allows the player to revive dead dinosaurs by going underground and digging up fossils and collecting dna and genes then the player can ride the extinct animals and tame them and interact with them!

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Bug fixes for alot of stuff
added 4 new dinosuars 
Velociraptor, Deinocheirus, Struthiomimus, Rhabdodon
added new plants and other blocks for decoration
New world Generation plants 
added new Amber ores and analyzer machine to analyze amber ore for dna


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Em que camada os fosseis aparecem???
How to hatch the eggs
I just seen if u good to the spino there is no image of the spino

k have a good day
this is really good if u make it better this would be one of the best mods

Keep on going with this modpack
Please actively update the add-on and more dinos please! I wanna see more creatures like the megalodon, and
can you add a book to get to explain the addon cause its a bit confusing
Sure thing ill add it to the next update!
The greatest comeback of the addon!
Intent茅 jugarlo en la versi贸n 1.16.201, pero no me aparecen los ores en el overworld, s贸lo puedo spawnear los baby dinos en creativo, 驴tiene soluci贸n?
use something else for the download like adfly or linkvertise
add Ankylosaurus and Styracosaurus
I have this on my iPhone 8, but for some reason no matter what fish I have, I can鈥檛 tame the Spinosaurus. Please help!
Guys calm down the developer said after the update that makes it compatible with 1.16, the developer will update the MCPEDL page with the newest download which should fix most addon problems
so much potential, looks really cool! When are you going to add the mod to the link? I would love this in my game!
I would love this in my game can u post it on mediafire??