Purple Diamonds (1.14+)

A simple resource pack that changes all diamond items, blocks, and armor textures into purple diamond textures. All textures remain mostly close to their original counterparts besides the color changes. If you love the color purple like me, then this add-on should be a great addition to your resource packs!

All of the weapons and armor have been changed to appear purple.

I also have changed blocks that are made using diamonds, pretty much just the diamond block, enchanting table, and beacon. Although, if I have missed a block please let me know in the comments!

If you like this add-on, feel free to look out for some sound add-ons I’ll be uploading in the coming weeks!


To download:

Click the link and wait 5 seconds. (DO NOT click on any advertisements, deny any notifications, and close any additional tabs opened by Adfly.) Then click skip ad and wait while the redirecting page directs you to the Mediafire page. Once on the Mediafire page, you can download the file. 

To install: 

For IOS: Install by opening the "Files" app. Find the .mcpack file in your downloads tab. Hold press on the file and move it to the "On my Iphone" tab so it installs on the device and not in the cloud. Then tap on the .mcpack file and it should automatically open and import the pack in Minecraft on IOS.

For Windows 10: Install by opening the file, and it should automatically open and import into Minecraft Bedrock on Windows 10. 

For Android: Install. by opening FX Explorer and go to the downloads tab. Find the .mcpack file and tap it, it should then automatically import into Minecraft on Android.


Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

2.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. FTP PLUGS says:

    I own a server on Xbox with 18k people in it and I use this and I do give you credit on my map if you want to check it out but I’m here to ask because I’ve had a lot of request can you please make it a little bit more darker more like an actual purple How do you a lot of request but I can’t do it because it’s not my pack maybe make another one and if you could do that hit me up for my Discord and I could shout out some thing of yours have a good day

  2. Guest-6317990366 says:


  3. Guest-8140182177 says:

    nice pack, a big thumbs up, especially for using the old textures :3

  4. Guest-4723892243 says:

    Same here, bro

  5. Dylan ThePro849 says:

    Not bad, gunna add it to my horror map. Gunna credit u dont worry!

  6. Guest-3717280423 says:

    Hmm Purple diamonds addon ? Good addon survival 😊

  7. AshishX says:

    *The Diamonds behind the slaughter*

  8. Wernes14 says:

    this is texture? XDDDD

  9. Guest-4272334393 says:

    a 32×32 version would be possible I loved it

  10. Eimrxn says:

    I don’t really like it, since it was the old texture… Sure it was nostalgic, but I want it to look like the new texture

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