Pyramid Jump!

Hi Minecrafters! You dreamed of traveling to the unknown! Today it is possible you can go on an extreme adventure in the Pyramid on the Pyramid Jump map.

Pyramid Jump is a parkour map with small elements of puzzles. The map is simple but sometimes it can be troublesome for you.

Recently, browsing YouTube, I found videos with an interesting map Pyramid Parkour. Inspired, I decided that he would also create something like that. The map has 22 levels, so it is shorter than the Pyramid Parkour map. I wanted the map to reflect the old climate of map creation.

The pyramid is 100 by 100, so it's really big. Do you want to join this desert adventure? Few worlds of building this huge pyramid say that it was created on the order of the minecraft Pharaoh himself, who in order not to get to it had to build difficult parkour. 

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Sick map i might record sometime.
⚠️Hi, if you have a problem importing the level to the minecraft please use my instruction⚠️
Thanks I was able to upload the file to mc
Why so short. Please, make it longer
is great if I can record a YouTube
video with it ??
I had no idea for other levels, but
I will try to build on. Of course,
you can record, forget to give me a link
I have a working map, I followed your instructions. Great map, you also inspired me to do something like this ???
omg this level with these cars is great.
Make more maps please❤️❤️❤️
Thanks, of course, I will build something more
import failed for 1.14.
Hi, try to follow my instructions. Then everything should work
I am guessing there isn't a 1.13 version
Didn't work on 1.14 level import failed