Published on June 11, 2021

Queen of Spiders Add-on

Hi there have you seen a Queen of Spiders in minecraft ? Well actually we didn't seen that because Mojang never added a Queen of Spiders!. But in this add-on will add a Mother Spider(Queen of Spiders). She is A new And strong spider ever found in minecraft she is also one of the strong boss in minecraft. She is more difficult to Fight than wither boss! 

Created by Inwardwolf61415

YOUTUBE inwardwolf addon Creator

How does it work?

You can find the spawn eggs on your inventory in creative mode

Let's start with 


Queen of Spiders

She is the Queen of the spiders she is very tough and cannot be knockback and also she can lay eggs and she can ran fast but sometimes she needs a rest 

Queen's egg

Eggs are came from Queen Spider. Eggs are can produce many spiders a soon as the eggs can. If the eggs are not destroyed yet they will produce more spiders until your world will be full of spiders!

Emerald Spiders

Emerald Spiders are a new variant of Spiders they a an emerald attached on their body. Ones you killed them they will drop this items

Diamond Spider

Another variant! This one is more stronger than Emerald Spiders and also they have more health because they have a diamond attached on there body.Ones they killed they will drop this items

Shooting Spider

This spiders are samll as the cavespiders they have a ability to shoot Explosive webs!.But there are have a small health

Spike Spiders

Spike Spiders are very strong because they have a spikes attached on there body and also they are big

Here's a video showcase


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Click Here to download

Go to your MINECRAFT

Wait until the successfully imported Show

Create new world

Turn on Experimental gameplay

Apply both resources and behaviors

Then plau


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@Albertoide18 por alguna razón (muy obvia) a todos los que les pasa eso siempre son los que tienen el juego pirata y sin actualizar xD. Así que, puedes comprar el juego o puedes piratearlo de nuevo pero con una versión más reciente
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