Published on June 01, 2020

Rainbow Gems and Gears

Tired of typical minecraft weaponry? Want new swords, battle axes with terrifying damage? New gems, enchanted apples and many more things? Because today, I present you the Rainbow gems gears addon. A magnificent addon that adds 4 new gems, 4 new swords, 4 new battle axes, 4 new enchanted apples with powers special and their respective blocks! It also adds a new ore with a very special function: generate bottles of experience! 

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▪︎add al information of the damage to the swords and battle axes

▪︎translation of the featured image

▪︎add information video of my YouTube channel 

▪︎nothing more :)



  • RainbowGemsAndGear-Addon-v2.0-armaduras-bug_1590901841.mcaddon

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VinnieThePuppet1961 June 17, 2021 at 3:44 pm
Great addon. Works wonderfully. I don't know why everyone else is saying the creator of this is a lier and it doesn't work, cuz it sure works for me. To anyone that it doesn't work for: You may need to enable all or some experiments. I did and it worked for me. And also, when a mod or addon doesn't work, it just means that you are doing something wrong, or the creator needs to update. It doesn't automatically make the creator a liar.
can you tell me how to enable expreiments
all you have to do is scroll down in a world and hit a switch that says "Experiments"
Worse Addon!! FAKE!
VinnieThePuppet1961 June 17, 2021 at 3:44 pm
Enable all experiments. It's not fake 🤦
What an idiot, it's not
It's not fake! You fool ! Turn on Exeriments !
not working lol!
bruh I Did not get ANYTHING From this whoever made this is a f_ucking scammer who just wants to fill your storage
VinnieThePuppet1961 June 17, 2021 at 3:47 pm
OR you need to enable all experiments. It works for me. The creator ain't a scammer tryin to fill your storage.
yea dumbass it works for me even in EDUCATION edition. Don't call someone a scammer when your the real scammer.
I did not get all the things on the this list that is a total lie f u c k the person who made this mod
ikr me too he an asshole
Doesn’t work on iOS sadly
i don't trust the mod will work because the size of the file is too small
Mine didn't work, the ores, armors, etc didn't appear in the game, ive also try to mine a big 100x100 place and there is isn't any of those ores, only the texturepacks appear
Does this work with ios?
Lamento decirle pana que se nota el Minecraft Addon maker para android ?? (no merito minimo la horita que duro haciendo eso pana, si fuera hecho como masho hubieran sido semanas)
what about those sticks
They're normal sticks and blaze rods
Armor fails