Published on August 13, 2021 (Updated on May 28, 2022)

Random Cakes - Variated Texture Pack [New Update 1.10]

Have you ever wanted cakes to be more variated and not just one cake texture? This pack adds 59 textures to the top of the cake. 60 in total! This pack is also on the Planet Minecraft website.

There are 2 versions of this pack


Programmer/Developer Art

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1.9 Update Includes:

  • Added Grape Jelly Cake
  • Added A n o t h e r Fruit Cake
  • Added Dark Fudge Cake
  • Added Top Hat Cake
  • Added The Burger Cake




  • Random_Cakes_1.10DEVARTedition.mcpack (31.58 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_v1.10.mcpack (34.28 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_1.9DEVARTedition.mcpack (28.78 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_v1.9.mcpack (31.21 KB)
  • Developer Art Edition v1.8
  • Random_Cakes_v1.8.mcpack (28.34 KB)
  • Developer Art Edition
  • Random_Cakes_1.7.mcpack (25.37 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_1.6.mcpack (21.76 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_1.5.1.mcpack (20.17 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_1.5.mcpack (20.14 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_1.4.mcpack (17.45 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_1.3.mcpack (14.75 KB)
  • Random_Cakes_1.2.mcpack (11.96 KB)
  • Random_Cakes1.1.mcpack (9.54 KB)

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Whenever I type FNAF in texture packs there's this thing that pops up FOR NO FUCKING REASON
ummmmmmm.... Im so confused. There are at least 20 different dowlaod packs. Do I have to download them all?? Or just the latest one, 1.9 I think... PLS HELP!!! Otherwise, looking at the screenshots make me want to use it already!! Even though, I BARELY use cakes, now I really want to find a ckae!! XD
just download the most recent. if you download them all then your world will be messed up :)
Hello, I want to say that I really liked the texture and I would like if I could do that with the other blocks, just like the java one but more importantly, it can also randomize the libraries since I wanted to have different libraries for my constructions
I am glad that you liked this pack, and it is true, textures can be randomized! Randomized textures can make things cooler!
The Cake Is A Lie
btw my favorite is blueberry
This comment has been removed
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeeeee????????????? ;)
Texture of the cake depends on coordinates in world (on the same coordinates in world cake has only one texture, and it can't be changed by replacing the cake)
Thanks I needed this type of pack
The pixels of the creeper face is just so wrong, but other than that this is pretty neat.
thx. i might fix the creeper in an update