ReBuilt Shader

ReBuilt Shader, a shader pack rebuild from scratch, is the successor of the famous UltraMax Shader. Using new rendering methods to create a new stunning visuals at little performance cost.

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Version 1.0.1
1. Added support for Windows 10.

Feature update will come later on in the development.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16



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65 Responses

4.42 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Hexer-chan says:


  2. Mimilicious says:

    I don’t why people don’t like the movement and water in Ultramax and this. It’s very lovely. But what’s the difference between this and Ultramax?

  3. Pau Kaya says:

    Can you improve the daylight lighting just like in the ultramax shader?thank you

  4. Dawae54 says:

    Could you improve the blocks coloe, like in ultramax shader?

  5. Epic AdiGamerBoy says:

    I know the water is changed a bit too with animations, but that doesnt matter, still dont laggs

    I love this shaders i hope it stays how it is cause that’s the onky shaders like them i searched for

  6. Guest-7259569883 says:

    Seems it doesn’t work for IOS. Crap. It looks so good thoughhhhh

  7. Guest-8298244834 says:

    Amazing shaders, i would love some shadows or animated grass

  8. Guest-4842857047 says:

    Worlds not loading with this in The game registers blocks are there but they’re all invisible along with the character.

  9. Guest-4035001492 says:

    how many people this is also my favorite shader and I love it a lot but it still bothers me a little the high brightness that some blocks like sand and quartz have, maybe for the next Could you lower the brightness a little? You also did a good job with the shaders, I love them a lot

  10. Guest-4814194342 says:

    My favorite shader! I don’t like stupid half-realistic clouds and round sun. I was looking for something simple, and I finally found it! My only complaint is that bright blocks like white wool get overexposed (too bright). It just needs auto brightness.

  11. Guest-5828027721 says:

    It Daredevil. Won’t import. I downloaded the file and tried to import but I said import failed. Why? Please respond. – Daredevil

  12. Guest-4177002641 says:

    I didn’t notice a change at all besides the wavy water witch is cool I even compared it to vanilla Minecraft and i don’t see a differents. im on windows 10.

  13. Guest-8727448543 says:

    It wouldn’t load in it. Failed to import, im on win 10 does this work on this version. please help!

  14. WearyGuy says:

    Amazing! But please change water.

  15. Guest-7328338813 says:

    Hey just wondering, what software do you use to create shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition? I want to make my own shader, and see what I can do. Thanks!

  16. Guest-2788009353 says:

    Looks like a cool shader. Will get soon. Will respond about how I think of it when i get it. – Daredevil 👍

  17. Guest-2278846329 says:

    This Shadder is amazing. Please consider adding shadows, and also making the water waving a little bit more subtle. Thanks for making it for Windows 10 🙂

  18. Shirocraft says:

    Nice Shaders,Works Great in my phone and also Unofficial Linux MC:Bedrock
    also i love to see the fact that the torchlight isnt too orange or red but maybe i will edit it slightly yellow later xD,anyway i love it 100/10

  19. Guest-7506264029 says:

    I think the download link is broken, it downloads a tiny .bin file, and it doesn’t work.

  20. ryxtell says:

    thanks for the update to win 10. add more shadow

  21. Guest-6920220285 says:

    This shader is perfect for my phone. I have a phone that lags when I use ESBE 2G. This doesn’t lag and it looks great. Only thing I ask is to add a small monochromatic effect. That’s all.

  22. Guest-3113648144 says:

    Add shadow and water wave please..

    Please add i cant make shaders,if you cant it’s ok 🙂

    Soory if my english is bad..

  23. Guest-1408231344 says:

    go download ESBE 2G, it runs better, has Win10 support, and looks better.

    ReBuilt is nice and all, but it doesn’t even compare to the might of ESBE 2G

  24. Guest-8766189909 says:

    It says failed to upload. It’s always saying that the package has an unknown name so it won’t show.

  25. Guest-4620796867 says:

    every time a new shader comes out it doesn’t support windows 10, is it hard to develop for windows 10?

    • Guest-4948964172 says:

      i’ve heard its because most shader developers learn glsl before they learn hlsl (hlsl is what windows and xbox use, whereas glsl is what mobile devices use)

  26. Metal Sonic Playz says:

    Nice job gengHAr

    But better work on more effort during day

  27. Adt0xid says:

    it run poorly But still gives a nice light(the water is out of place because it is just the old texture wiggling like a piece paper fluttering in a strange way)

    it is so vanilla but still run poorly how is this possible

  28. Guest-2904331159 says:

    Either remove the choppy water wave or fix it.

  29. Guest-8969730618 says:

    I don’t understand all the hate, this is a great shader pack and does exactly what it says; “stunning visuals at little performance cost.” Read what it says before you complain about the pack.

  30. Guest-6231962485 says:

    Vi la iluminación y me encantó el sombreador y si bien faltan sombras y eso es hermoso

  31. Guest-8844554274 says:

    No sean malos y no comenten cosas así este sombreado es maravilloso ee hecho es lo que avía buscado y al verlo creí que solo estaría para RTX y al ver qué es para android me encantó gracias

  32. Guest-9100388684 says:

    This shader looks exactly like vanilla minecraft. You need shadows, waving water, nice lightning, better fog, that is IF you’re ACTUALLY trying to make a SHADER

    • Guest-2461063950 says:

      dude listen even though this does not look like a shader it still is a shader just an enhanced version of the vanilla. what ever shaders you saw where kinda out of the line one but this one is good. but question why are even looking at this in the first place

    • Guest-3220981339 says:

      Shaders can be anything from simple ligthing changes to full on shadows and crazy things like god rays. This is for bedrock edition and we are limited in what we can do. So chill out
      Go play with RTX if you want

    • Guest-2710796494 says:

      shader did what said (Be nice, it’s from scratch
      I am sure that someone will build on it

  33. Guest-7446326908 says:

    this shader looks bad, runs poorly, and doesn’t even support windows 10

    just get ESBE 2G, it is way better smh

    • Guest-5529524549 says:

      Thats your opinion, but what do you expect from bedrock edition? we are working with what we got. Windows 10 support will come along anyway. this just released

  34. Guest-1098854150 says:

    no win10 support? next!

  35. Guest-8561878546 says:

    Listen dude, I am the first one commenting here, Shader is pretty good. BUT PLEASE ADD WINDOWS 10 FASTER

    • Guest-2092931810 says:

      Why would you play on Minecraft Bedrock, I thought Java have tons of mod and shader for you to choose

      • TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

        Oh, lordy, why do people keep confusing Bedrock Windows 10 with Java? These Minecraft PC platforms are very different from each other: Bedrock Windows 10 has almost every feature that mobile and console have, and players of MCBE Windows 10 are in the same community as Pocket and console; Java has its own community, cost extra money for people who have Bedrock on any platform, and has many features that Windows 10, console, and mobile Minecrafters do not have! By the way, this website is MAINLY dedicated to BEDROCK PLAYERS and not JAVA PLAYERS, who have their own community site at Planet Minecraft.
        So, in short, please stop confusing Windows 10 with Java and consider the former as part of the Bedrock family.
        btw genghar’s shaders are epic

  36. Guest-3111775895 says:

    What does it do

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