Reptiles Pack (by Asian Roofs Team)

NOTE: If you play in your world, be sure you have the ASIAN ANIMALS PACK PACK or it will not work


This add-on adds 14 reptiles to your own world or to Asian Roofs map. Those animals have special behaviors and many also have gender distinction. And some are even tameable. and have great features.

In addition, it gives access to a few new items and some recipes related to them.


This is an additional pack for people who like reptiles. The 14 species are:

-Burmese Python (male, female, baby, egg)

-Chinese Alligator (male, female, baby, egg)

-Draco Lizard (adult, baby, egg)

-Forest Tortoise (male, female, baby, egg),

-Gecko (adult, baby, egg)

-Gharial (male, female, baby, egg)

-Indian Cobra (adult, baby, egg)

-Indian Star Tortoise (adult, baby, egg)

-King Cobra (male, female, baby,, egg)

-Komodo Dragon (adult, baby, egg)

-Leaf Tortoise (adult, baby, egg)

-Saltwater Crocodile (male, female, baby, egg)

-Vine Snake (adult, baby, egg)

-Water Monitor (adult, baby, egg)

It also improves the crocodiles from Asian Animals Pack.


Which ones can be tamed?: male Python, adult Draco Lizard, adult Indian Cobra, adult Gecko, male King Cobra, adult Leaf Tortoise, adult Water Monitor, baby Crocodile, male Crocodile (if tamed while young).

Once an animal is tamed, it has special features

    One of the most unique is the ones of the Water Monitor. In fact, once tamed using a bone, give it any kind of meat (but not fish) or rotten flesh and it will start searching the animal related to this meat in a radius of 50 blocks. For example, you give it raw mutton and it will run and kill every sheep in the perimeter. To make it stop, call your animal back by holding one of the meat or bone and it will run back to you, even if it is at 50 blocks from you and doesn’t see you

    To tame cobras, you will need to craft a flute (2 sticks, 2 bamboos or 2 sugar canes) to charm the animal. Then it will stand and you will have a few second to give it a stick.

    Geckos and baby Star Tortoises can climb on your shoulder once they are tamed. To get them off, simply junp while sneaking.

    Baby Crocodiles can be tamed using a bone, then rotten flesh to make it grow faster. Once adult, you can give it a bone again to fully tame it. It will then chase any monster in 30 blocks, unless you make it sit.


New items are available: Flute (crafted as told before), Cobra Fangs, Shedded Skin.

    The Cobra Fangs are earned after killing a cobra. It can then be added to any bottle of water (basic, splash or lingering) to transform it into a Potion of Decay. It can also be added to 3 arrows to convert them into Arrows of Decay.

    Shedded Skin is obtained by interactiong with any kind of snake/cobra while sneaking (but only every 10 minutes). It can be converted to Phantom Membrane.


When you breed the animals, they will generate eggs. The duration of incubation and the duration for baby to become adult depends on the species and is related to real life equivalences.

    In fact, 100 seconds in the game = 1 month in real life (this feature is only for incubation and growth). For example, incubation of Chinese Alligator is around 2 months in real life, so it will take around 2×100 seconds for them to hatch.

    Playing 1200 seconds or 20 minutes (a minecraft day) = 1 year in real life. This means that the Chinese Alligator will take 6×20 minutes to grow up because in real life they take around 6 years to become adults and reproduce.


    Each animal has special loot on death and they all drop scutes. Some also drop leather, cobra fangs, bones, turtle shell. It is also possible to obtain Potion of Decay, Poison or Harming from Cobras and Komodo Dragons that are alive. To do so, you will need to provoke them first and to extract their venom by using a glass bottle while they move towards you. Be carefull, it can be hard, especially Komodo Dragons that have an effect similar to their anti-coagulant venom from real life. In the game, if it bites you, you will probably die in the next 3 seconds.


This was a long text and maybe you did not read it entirely, but you have to know that we keep in touch with the community and many features are available with this additional pack.

We have a:

– BUG TRACKER in case you encounter any problem in any of our packs.

– SUGGESTIONS BOX if you have any ideas for future pack. We respond to people everyday.

– ADDITIONAL PACKS LIST for you to see what is coming up and access the already available packs.

– YOUTUBE CHANNEL where you can see our videos about what we do.

Finally, we are currently working on the Northern Pack but you can vote for the pack that will come next: VOTE HERE 


>Here are a few pictures:

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This is just to say it’s available for 1.16 too

because we didn’t know we could enter many version in the description hahaha 


-You must have installed the ASIAN ANIMALS PACK in your world before or it will not work.

-You must enable the Experimental Gameplay in your world settings.

-Be sure you downloaded both the Behaviors pack AND the Resources pack (in zip, in mcpack or in mediafire link) or it might crash.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  1. alessandre says:

    I already did it and it is not compatible only when I use it for version 1.14, if they appear, but when I use it with 1.16, crocodiles do not come out, nothing can solve this profabor problem.

  2. alessandre says:

    they can make a crocodiles only addon with all the crocodiles that exist and as well as sharks or make the crocodile sarcosuchus profa

  3. Howulikethat says:

    I really love this add-on.Ive waited so long for this.I love the Burmese Python and the water monitor..

  4. Bloodstalker says:

    Can you tame them?

    • Hi yes you can them a coule of them. We wrote a section about it in the description above.

      Which ones can be tamed?: male Python, adult Draco Lizard, adult Indian Cobra, adult Gecko, male King Cobra, adult Leaf Tortoise, adult Water Monitor, baby Crocodile, male Crocodile (if tamed while young).

  5. McLaren Fan says:

    Hey. This addon seems fantastic, however I cant try it out because I play on update 1.16, could you please update this addon so that it is available for 1.16? That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  6. alessandre says:

    friend more than the addon is compatible with version 1.16

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