RGBY Parkour 2

The sequel of RGBY Parkour. Featuring: Even more difficulty, a larger variety of jumps, larger levels and an actual prize. Beating this map is a good way to prove your parkour skill.

Welcome to RGBY Parkour 2! This map is quite different from the original in a different ways. The start portal has been removed, replaced by pressure plates directly teleporting you to the start of levels.

One of the most important features added is the work system. You can mine cobblestone at a generator, exchange the cobblestone into emeralds which can be used to buy speed 2 potions at Blue and upper. You are reminded that some jumps require speed to complete (e.g. the final jump of Yellow), but most do not. Important: DO NOT exchange your cobblestone until you have at least 20 cobblestone. Due to command limitations, attempting to exchange for emeralds with 19 or less cobblestone will result in all of your cobblestone disappearing.

The speed potion vending machine is at the start of Blue, Yellow and Green levels. This is a photo of one of the vending machines.

As always, I am putting images of levels.

Too many items? You can put it in your ender chest. They can be found at the workplace, the lobby, and at every checkpoint.

At the start of the map, you will have to do a short level to prove your parkour skill. It is easy compared to the rest of the map.

More information can be found in the in-game lectern.

Most importantly, all jumps are possible. Keep in mind sometimes parkour is luck based due to the tick system, so just try your luck or use a different strategy. Good luck.

You are reminded that this map is built for singleplayer, therefore playing it alone gives a better experience.

Info for experimental gameplay and future versions: This map is made back in 1.13, so it should be pretty stable. It should work well (although uncertain) for future versions as well, and I will update it if the map cannot support these versions.

Changelog View more

Selected "parkour" category for the map, because I forgot to do so last time I updated it. The world itself remains unchanged. I am also using this opportunity to add some information regarding multiplayer and upcoming version support.

The parkour map has been updated.

- The download import will (hopefully) work for app users.

- Nerfed green level difficulty. Notably, several jumps are no longer head hitters, making the level less luck based.

- Eliminated jump skips as long as I know them. (Example: the yellow piston 5-1 is no longer skippable.)

- A part of blue level is no longer L/D to the first checkpoint. (Tip: Jump onto the ladder instead of grabbing it.)

- Updated parkour pros board, included one more MCPE good parkour player (ZathanMC)

- Buffed yellow level difficulty slightly, the double cross neo with ladder is now -0 instead of -1.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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8 Responses

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  1. Guest-1374646001 says:

    This is not how you make parkours map your map overall is dope but you do need some luck to do some hard jumps in a row the worst is probably blue level, you have pistons that most of the time pushes you of the cobbelstone fence and you jump too low to reach the block you need to do that 2 times in a row plus 90 deegres stone fence 180 i do that 180 jump third try when i try without that pistons before without that i do that in around 50 minuts this how to destroy parkour fun map and have fun with parkour map.

  2. Guest-1534299028 says:


  3. I love Minecraft 123 says:

    I completed the map (it was tons of fun and i raged a bit) but I can’t find the rgby parkour 3. I was wondering if you can give me the link, but if you didn’t complete the map, I totally understand.

  4. Guest-7300095945 says:

    This is amazing! Haven’t played yet, but looks amazing! You are rly good at making parkours! Have a great day 🙂

  5. You are reminded that playing this map alone gives a better experience.

  6. Guest-6577247702 says:

    luck based parkour is s u p e r b

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