Riptide Wars

Welcome to Riptide Wars! This non-automated map takes Minecraft PvP to a new level, with a few maps and a lobby & map select, as well as really fun game mechanics with no rules (at least no rules aren’t agreed upon by your 2-5 player party)!

  • Amount of players: 2-5 (although you can practice a few maneuvers and techniques by yourself…)
  • Basic Mechanics: You use Riptide III enchanted tridents to launch yourself at your enemies (or simply hit your enemies like any other sword), dealing damage.
  • This map is not automated (so no score, death count, etc.)
  • Map made by StringyAtom670

Here are some snapshots of the inside of this map!

Here are some pictures of the lobby and the new map select:

This is what the spawn looks like:

You have a choice of two settings that affect the gameplay: Weakness & Night Vision

These are some pictures of the original and new maps!

Firstly, the original Riptide Wars map was renamed to the Ruined Cube:

Next, one of the new maps: Pirate Battle!

This one was by far the most detailed and hardest to build. I really hope you enjoy it!

This last map is targeted to those who love simplicity, and minimal detail. It is a very easy map to play in.

It is called the Plain Flats map. Here are some snapshots:

Just remember that I intentionally underdetailed the map to maintain a simple feel. There are barrier blocks around the corners of this map, unlike the other maps. This was to make it easier for players starting out to play Riptide Wars.

Sample Rules

Although Riptide Wars doesn’t have any strict rules & you can play this minigame however you want, I will provide several rules that I recommend you try to play with:

  1. No cheating/creative mode
  2. If you die, stay in the lobby & you cannot enter the playing area again
  3. No double teaming
  4. Do not mess with the settings in the lobby while a game is playing
  5. And most importantly: Have fun!  (That one isn’t an option)

Additional Information:

There are a few features I purposely did not add in the description. I wanted you to see them for yourself!

The rain is there so that the Riptide III tridents work… Please don’t turn the rain off!

Feel free to suggest improvements or report bugs- there is no such thing as a perfect map…

This PvP minigame is not automated and you can make your own rules (just cannot stress that enough)! My intention is for users to have fun!

Be sure to not download the legacy edition if you want the intended & full playing experience. The legacy edition is intended for players who are curious about Riptide Wars’ past updates.

You may not distribute/repost any of my stuff without permission! If you are recording anything that features this map, give credit to me (StringyAtom670)!   

Changelog View more

I just noticed that the title name is not the same as the world name... Removed the funky and unreadable file name. This should be helpful for organization purposes. No updates to the world itself...

I also uploaded the original Riptide Wars world as part of this update! In other words, this page has the links to the modern Riptide Wars and the original version (I mean, what is an update without some real changes)

  • Removed the lobby parkour (R.I.P lobby parkour) & the chest you can get at the end of the parkour
  • Removed the Jump Boost setting & replaced it with a Weakness setting
  • Added two new maps (details in the description)
  • Extended the lobby to create a map select
  • Added a bit more flair to the lobby (the national flags from different countries on the table; see the description).
  • Updated the description

It turns out, I accidentally uploaded TWO worlds, instead of one. I deleted both worlds, and reuploaded the world again. No changes to the description and the world.

I learnt that the game rule "sendcommandfeedback" does not work to make sure the repeating command blocks do not keep on sending the output to the chat.

I switched that to true, and then changed the game rule "commandblockoutput" (the game rule that actually prevents this kind of output to the chat), so now Riptide Wars is fully functional.

Other than that, I updated the description to match the new update.


This time, I added more images and made the description more clearer. I also showed more of the map in the description, and also mentioned in the introduction to check out the description before downloading.


Requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Just open the .mcworld file and you're ready to go!


Supported Minecraft versions


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2 Responses

  1. GoDucks2017 says:

    This game is great with elytras, it makes the game more fast-paced and you fly faster in the air.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but in this minigame, I only want people to use Riptide III tridents. There are already many minigames that are based around elytra (e.x: Skyfall on Mineplex), and I was primarily going for originality in this map.

      Other than that, I hope you like Riptide Wars, as this is my very first map I am uploading on any kind of database. There is an update pending as of right now that fixes a couple of issues, so please check on that.

      Thanks for commenting!

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