Published on October 04, 2023 (Updated on June 16, 2024)

Rocket Crossbow Fix (1.21.0 SUPPORT!!!)

Hi! I fixed rocket crossbows! This fixes a known bug with with fireworks not exploding on contact with a block, and subsequently also adds in Rocket Jumping to the game.

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Version 0.0.1

Made the addon. Fixes a bedrock bug. 


Version 0.0.2

Fixed some collision detection bugs

Added support for 1.20.40

Version 0.0.3

Added support for 1.20.50+

Version 0.0.4

Added support to 1.20.70+

Version 0.0.5

Added support to 1.21.0+



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Wow, it must be annoying to produce addons that constantly stop working due to updates in the game
This cycle repeats itself, unfortunately
I really want try this addon, and i can't downgrade my game
Hey I love your addon but it isn't working in 1.20.80 pls update the addon if you can
Hello, brother!
I've searched this addon for so long, and i'm for knowing that it exists!
However, in the most recent version (1.20.80), your addon is not working at all, can you fix it?
I'm not want to disturb you or nothing like that, i'll wait for your reply
still waiting for the update
both links are rockets with knockback.Can you fix this I wanna play without kncokback.
Thats the entire point of my mod -_-
This comment has been removed
1.20.70+ now. Sorry for the lack of updates.
Brooo i saw a video in YouTube of a guy teaching that crossbow with multishot shooting rockets was powerful and it was so frustrating when i saw that in mcbe it doesn’t work the same way, thank you for the mod, hope u can continue update it over the time

Edit: the vanilla knockback version doesn’t working
Doesn't work

I hope you can update it and fix it :)
It doesn't work? Ill make an update. Thanks for letting me know.

Turning on creator features, what errors do you see?
on mcpe it wasn’t working.
I know right? We modders can fix these issues a lot faster than the devs.