Published on February 05, 2023

Rooyin Font

Arabic or Farsi font in Minecraft is not interesting at all. Ugly and small design annoys us. This source package solves our problem. Rooyin font is an Arabic (+Persian) font created by modafe5124. Now this font is applied to increase the readability and beauty of Arabic texts in Minecraft.

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  • RooyinFont1.0.mcpack (24.11 KB)


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Siamakeiwiikkooo May 17, 2023 at 2:21 pm
How can I learn Persian?
Hii this is very good addon!. can i using this addon or this texture for my pack?. Thank you!
Hi thanks
There is no problem if it is for personal use
But if you are going to send or publish that pack to others, just mention the name of Rooyin resource pack.
Fear not! There are no jumpscares! The zombie in A12 can be defeated easily with 2 / 3 standard hand hits. The lighting is quite poor - agreed. The best we suggest is playing with gamma setting of both device and game maximum. Console / PC should not experience lighting issues, it seems to be just on mobile. Thanks for commenting!
It's very nice the best