Published on July 08, 2021 (Updated on May 16, 2022)

V2 Samurai Armor

Hello everybody, this is my new addon, this one adds new samurai equipment to your minecraft world, all the textures are created by me and this complement is totally compatible with muy other addon ninja armor (you can check it in this link)

Review  by FlechaPh9 (spanish)

Review by Santiago Gamer (spanish)

First to craft the armors you need the plaque a especial material

With this plaque you can craft the armors in a new form

Now if you put an other vanilla armor ( netherite, diamond, gold or iron) you obtain a reinforced armor or in netherite case the diamond samurai armor with netherite ingot

Normal Armor
Iron Variant
Gold Variant
Copper Variant
Diamond Variant
Netherite Variant
Emerald Variant
Amethyst Variant
Jade Variant
Sessho Seki Variant

Also, with this addon you can find two new ore, the jade and the sessho seki (only deepslate)

Sessho seki and Jade block

All the armor can be enchanted

To craft the weapons you need a especial stick, the stronge stick

Weapons craft

Retexture Katana and Naginata



Select version for changelog:


Retexture Katanas and Naginatas

New copper, amethyst, emerald and sessho seki samurai armors

Retexture Vanilla Armors




1.- Go to the end of the submission and click in the mcaddon or mcpack archive.                         
2.- Export mcaddon archive to minecraft 

3.-Wait the exportation

4.-Active the resorce and behavior packs

5.-Active the experimental options

6.-Go to play the addon in your world


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Supported Minecraft versions

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Excuse me but when you add an update to this psdt mod I like your armor design :)
I'm planning a re-texture update do you have any ideas
Maybe give it a little more vanilla, add better designs to the armor in terms of colors and add the deepslate variant of jade
Can't find the weapons and armors in creative mode inventory ,only the stick and Jade but i love this addon , great work!
Thanks for your comment, have you all the experimental options actived?
Maybe this addon cool! look like very very cool!!
is it difficult to find jade?
In which layer of the game is it easier to find?
because it took time and I only found a jade ore
Is it compatible with other addons? :D
Yeah, is compatible with ninja armor add-on
I use the right crafting recipes and it won’t work
Mmm, the items and armor are in the creative section, if not check your experimental options
I want to sue you for stealing my identity without my permission ._.
how will a person sue someone for stealing a another persons identity that doesn't make any sense smh ik your just joking
I was in a screenshot :D
Links Broken - Get an Error page 404 not found. (even for the VIP link)

Will update Rating When fixed -

I also want to know If I can Implement these Models Into my SMP, --- Credits will be posted at the bottom of the Server Post along with the Other Mods :)

just let me know, Thank you!
Is not nessesary the bad rating :(, the links are broken for the VIP and yes you can implement the models in your SMP
Awesome Thank you!
Also, Sorry, Only put 3 Stars so my comment would be noticed :,)
I Got it working though, Must've just been a MCPEDL Glitch. -
Came back to check to see if you replied, Thanks for the fast response ;D

Awesome addon, great job.

Credits will be posted once they accept my updates. :D Here's my 5 Stars - I'll also send some players to rate to make up for the 3, heh ;)
Thank you very much, i understand than the page has some bugs
that is no longer the creator's problem, that is already an error on the page, try to open it with another non-vip account
Las armaduras estan bien pero siento que las armas no encajan
Investigue y son las armas más comunes que usaban los samurais aun así voy a tratar de mejorar el addon :)
No no , no dije que las armas estan mal , porque si , las katanas eran usadas por samurais , me refiero al item texture que no se ve muy bien
best addon ever
Ninja armor it's best XD