Published on July 13, 2023 (Updated on March 27, 2024)

Saphirion V3.0

Sapphirion is an add-on that not only adds an ore but also new creatures, armor and tools.

Remember that if you are going to make a video or Review you must give credit to the creator and put the mcpedl link otherwise I will be forced to no longer update the add-on.

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-tyrannosaurus remodeled

-alpha zafiro golem remodeled

-Mini Zafiro Golem remodeled

-add corromped Cow

-add corromped Chicken

-add Skull Boss

-add mini Skull

-add xazoghasaurus

-add xazoghasaurus Sword

-add new animations

-add structures

-fixed they colision Blocks

-add new drops

-more comig soon!



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How rare is this new mineral? It wouldn't be good if such an OP mineral were more common or even as common as diamond.
You're right I'll make it weirder than it was generated