Published on July 17, 2021 (Updated on November 11, 2023)

SCP: Classified V1.2.3 Hotfix

A vanilla-styled SCP addon that has a lot of features to add to your game. With over 61 SCPs, you can explore and experiment with no end in sight. You can battle against various SCPs, construct large facilities, and test out multiple SCPs and blocks within the game. The addon includes mobs, blocks, items, etc. There is more updates to come! So stay tuned.

  • Please, if you are going to use the add-on in any of your worlds or videos, and upload it. Please credit by putting the add-on's link in the description or in your world. Thank you!


Alphaxenopete82 -

  • Created models and animations.

IMMoOocus -

  • Created models, animations and items.

Ken Playz -

  • Lead coder and creator of the project.

Stxngxe - 

  • Created models, items, and sound design.

Unknown OFC -

  • Helped with animations and code.



  • Helped with making the iron fence connectable.

LC Studios

  • Allowed us to use some of the code. (Keycard readers, buttons and SCP Viruses.)


  • Helped with creating scripts for SCP-294 to function!

Gus. (SCP: Overtime Creator)

  • Allowed us to borrow ideas from their mob's behaviors.

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|- SCP: Classified V1.2.3 Hotfix -|

What's new?

|- Additions/Changes -|

  • Retextured Reinforced-granite.
  • SCP-548 can now go in 1 block spaces.
  • SCP-940 Adult and Host can now break doors in the "Normal" difficulty.

|- Bug Fixes -|

  • Fixed SCP-173 and SCP-294.
  • SCP-409 can no longer spread on Reinforced-granite.


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Pinned comment
There are some known issues in the new Minecraft versions in the add-on, which will only be fixed in V1.3.0, since the team is mainly focused on that version for now.
is this only like a creative mod or is this mod juss not working In my survival gameplay
this addon isn't working for me and yes I do have all experimental toggles on and I have both the BP and RP active so I don't know what the problem is
ngl SCP-4230 should be in this mod
173 (Sculpture) doesn't work in 1.20.50 at all
Yeah trueee! Please fix it!
Hello kenplayz this is a first time im chatting on ur mod but i used ur mod a lot and me and some friends decided to start a server based on scp and found out the scp mod stops letting us use the gun mod were using like the guns won't shot the mods name is insare warfare so can u fix it for our server please
It's impossible, use other guns mod that didn't use player.
adds:placable scatered papers,your own scp window styles,add a janitor guy,more decorations any,underground walls like the metal walls,scp stairs style,doctors,make a things so the mtf's and guards don't randomly shoot class d's,more interesting scp blocks.That's all i can think im making a scp map
you should add the scp logo,fix 173 to peanut style,fix 096 face to scarier,make the chocolate cake placable,dont forget about the gate like gate 1 gate 2 gate 3,add more decorations like placable cup of coffee and every single thing that is in cups,add guns,add chaos insurgency's,add more placable.
457 required
I hava the following concerns
1.please put scp035 in the storage box
2.update 1.20.5
3.updata contents (457)
4.make some doors
Will you be updating for 1.20.50 and make it more survival friendly
Hey Ken great addon
Can you add some different types of mtfs?
what's the point of the button and key card reader?
I don't understand how to use it since the Redstone block spawns directly 3 blocks down beneath the button/key card reader
Great addon and I love everything but I have a problem
I couldn't find an door(for cells and class d cells)
Can you tell me what's the door name
Edit: it would be way fun to make a structure of the site so it would spawn naturally:)
There isn't any doors as of now, but thanks for the ideas!!! Also, thank you!!! :DDD
Combined this with IMMoOocus' SCP texture pack. Best creative experience 5/5