Published on May 16, 2021 (Updated on May 16, 2021)

SCP Site 59-TR

Hello everyone 

Today i make map called SCP Site 59-TR this map is not to much big but and it has many tree around the facility this map you can play it on low end device and also this map is very cool!


And also this map is using SCP ParadoX addon by LC Studios MC

All rooms on this SCP Site 59-TR

Light containment zone 

Heavy containment zone 

Personnel room 


SCP chambers

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Deleted one link and one file on installation details 

Added some words on brief description

Added image proof from the addon creator


Supported Minecraft versions

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doesn't work on edu pls fix
Bruh MC Edc is on 1.17.30 and regular Minecraft is on 1.17.41
Apakah map ini tidak akan ngelag lagi ?