Screenfy’s Furniture Pack V2 (7 New Furniture)

The sequel to the original SFP, the version 2. Yay, I made more addons. in this pack, I added 20 new furniture pieces ranging from typical bedroom usage to kitchen usage. Without further ado, I introduce the Screenfy’s Furniture Pack Version 2

Note: This thread is pretty long because i made 20 furniture pieces, if you want to download it, just scroll all the way to the bottom.

Add-on contents

Prior to my previous pack, I’ve added new furniture pieces such as ceiling fans and dining tables.

This add-on consists 20 pieces of furniture.

BBQ Grill

A grill that will fulfill your cooking needs; just right-click or tap the “Grill” button (for mobile users), and whatever raw food in your hand will the grill turn it into a cooked version of it!

Picnic Table

This table can be seated up to four people and suitable for outdoor usage (obviously idk why i said that)

Picnic Table w/ Umbrella

Can also be seated up to four people and it’s the exact same model above but with an umbrella, just in case it starts to rain :).


A simple couch I made for living room usage, can be seated up to two people. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to make different variants of it’s colour, but based on some research, it’s said that a blue coloured couch is generally more liked upon, so that’s why I chose it to be blue.

Gaming Setup

A gaming setup that consists of a 144hz monitor and and a PC with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with an RTX 3090 and 32 GB of RAM! Plus, RGB, because RGB is proven to make you a more skillful gamer. This piece is honestly my favourite one yet!. It also has a drawer which means it has an inventory slot.

(Now if you can’t tell sarcasm, I was being sarcastic about it having those specs, just in case any moron complains that this piece didn’t have those specs, I was being satirical)

Gaming Chair

hE isN’t chEating hE jUst hAs gOod gAminG chAiR”

A gaming chair that can move, obviously, considering the fact that it has wheels lmfao. This piece is another one of my favourites.


A simple drawer with an inventory slot.

Lamp Table

Okay, I just realized I didn’t make a mini lamp but whatever i’m very tired so i’ll just do an update in the future but anyhow, this lamp table has an inventory slot and is intended to be the place where you place your digital clock (below).

Digital Clock

Now, I apologize that the time is fixed, I have no idea how to code it so that it can match up with minecraft’s time or your time zone, anyhow this digital clock can be placed pretty much anywhere so yeah.


I think I coded that the stove has an inventory slot but I can’t recall because I’m currently having a headache as of writing this. This stove can also cook food just like how the grill works. To cook, you can right-click or tap on the button that says “Cook”.


Has an inventory slot to store your food.


Again, apologies due to my inability to code really advanced animations, so unfortunately the way you cook food is like how the grill and stove works, simply right-click or tap on the “Microwave” button. I’m pretty sure there’s this other furniture pack where the creator successfully made an animation and even made a new type of food, e.g. “microwaved beef”. Outstanding!

Dining Table

Intended for a family of four as it only has four plates,cups and pair of utensils, but if you wanna squeeze in a family member or two, go ahead.

Dining Chair

Created for the dining table (above).

Sink Cabinet

A simple sink (which doesn’t have the ability to pour out water, unfortunately) that has an inventory slot to store your bleach, poison, trash bags and whatever appliances you plan to store in it.


A toilet.


A bathtub to clean yourself and stay hygienic.

Trash Bin

Has an inventory slot to throw whatever junk you intend to place in it.

Ceiling Fan

This was the only model I could successfully animate without going insane, made to cool you during the summers.


A different model compared to the lamp I made in the other furniture pack. i honestly prefer this one (I guess because it actually looks like a lamp?!).

Example of setup

Updated furniture pieces image:

How to obtain

Can be obtained through the creative inventory and also through commands. Example; /give @s sf;bbqgrill


If you have any issues, feel free to contact me in any of these contact things, idfk :/.

Twatter: ihatescreenfy

Email: [email protected] (i made this email when i was like 9, stfu)

Original furniture pack (aka the version 1): Click here lul 

Special thanks:

 Ashminggu for supporting me and helping me whenever I had issues trying to create my add-ons, I’ll try my best to repay you as soon as possible,thanks dude.

Changelog View more

-Ashminggu told me that people prefer Linkvertise over adfly so I'm just testing this out yay Linkvertise 

-Added variants  colours of the couch

-Added a different type of couches

-Added an indoor plant

-fixed a typo mistake because my OCD doesn't like seeing that


1. Download both the Resource and Behavior Packs (Links are below).

2. You will be sent to the redirection page. Just wait 5 seconds and skip. (Note: You'll might be ask to allow some notifications, just deny all of them).

3. Wait for another 45 - 60 seconds at the "Please press 'Allow' to continue" page.

4. Download the Resource / Behavior Packs.

5. Once downloaded, click on the files and it will automatically open up Minecraft to start importing the files!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. JuanC17_Playz says:

    Make the clock “4:20” lol

  2. screenfy says:

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I also added a table lamp so yay although, I’m kinda busy with my studies at the moment so I’ll kinda update/alter this thread as soon as I can.

  3. itismemayro says:

    Hey, sorry for bothering you here but the living room edition furniture addon isn’t working and my minecraft says there is no header in the manifest.json, please fix it

    now for this verision, it’s pretty cool, 5 stars would rate again lol

  4. TheHeckGaming says:

    Sangat menarik!!

  5. DarkDork says:

    Do you have a discord?

  6. Botstar says:

    I can’t download the mod, is the link not working, is that normal?

  7. Hahagamer says:

    Make it linktervise pls or directly to download pls

  8. ashminggu says:

    The models are very well made, they look epik af ngl. Well done!

  9. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Hey dude did you forgot that you can make them blocks now??

    The gaming pc is hilarious 😂😂

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