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4B4T+ Is a Minecraft Server that features a hybrid connection between the Java & Bedrock Versions of the game allowing you to play the server on virtually any platform available.

4B4T+ || Cross Platform Server

4B4T+ Is a Minecraft Server that features a hybrid connection between the Java & Bedrock Versions of the game allowing you to play the server on virtually any platform.

Bringing the Game to You

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to experience a world of destruction with almost no governing limitations from us.

My Vision For 4B4T+

Our long term goal for 4B4T+ is to successfully reach a level where the server is ran in a fully automated environment where the server can decide for itself what’s best at what time and adapt to the changes that occur whilst also being in real-time communication with my applications and thus laying the foundation of how next gen servers could operate in the distant future. This will be achieved through the help of My Organization — The GCord Project.

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Server Update - 5th July 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Improved Server Performance

• Fixed Anvils not working

• Fixed loot tables erasing on viewing

• Fixed Incorrect spawn reasons from Spawners

• Added Entity Liquid API

• Fixed Tab Completion for Player Names

• Fixed issues with MOTD System


(Bedrock Changes)

• Fixed Memory Leak in Ping Passthrough

• Fixed Power Pots & Item Frames

• Updated Missing Mappings

• Fixed several Inventory Bugs

• Fixed many respawn bugs

• Add support for 3D Biomes

• Fixed Strider Mounting


Bedrock Future

• More Bug fixes (every update)

• Accurate Movement System (WIP)

• Enchantment Tables (WIP)

• Added a simple Redirect URL to The GCord Project in the description

• Update the official Minecraft Server Logo to match the theme of July 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Updated Server to Game Version 1.16

• A handful of bug fixes and new implementations

Server Update - 21st June 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Fixed Ender Dragon visibility

• Added clear reputation API

• Fixed several exploits

• Prevent position desync when teleporting during movement

• Optimize Network Manager Closed channel handling and flushing

• Improve light optimizations and fix bugs

• Optimized general performance


(Bedrock Changes)

• Added interactive tag/button for Villagers that are able to trade


Bedrock Future

• More Bug fixes (every update)

• Accurate Movement System (WIP)

• 1.16 Update (Mostly ready for release)


Server Update - 18th June 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Improved Server Performance

• Fixed Pistons inconsistencies


(Bedrock Changes)

• Combat Cooldown is now visible

• Fixed maps not loading sometimes

• Fixed most entity rotations


Bedrock Future

• A Fix for Bucket use (WIP)

• Accurate Movement System (WIP)

Server Update - 9th June 2020

(Universal Changes)

• New Custom Death Messages added! 

• Fixed Villager Trading Demand

• Maps will no longer load chunks

• Use seed-based lookups for treasure maps - fixes the lag it caused

• Optimized Light Engine - improves server performance significantly

• Improved login chunk load times by giving them urgent priority

• Optimized general performance

• Increased Mob capacity for mobs


(Bedrock Changes)

• Added Villager Trading

• Fixed initial movement speed

• Removed useless TrigMath to reduce wasted memory


Bedrock Future

• More Bug fixes (every update)

• Crash fix relating to Villager Trading (this week)

• Accurate Movement System (WIP)

Server Update - 5th June 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Increased Mob Spawn Rates

• Improved Server Performance

• Fixed a crash caused by trapped portals

• Tweaked Spartan AC to be less intrusive

• Lots of new custom death messages added!

• Commands are now sent through a secure channel to prevent possible interception from third party clients.

(Bedrock Changes)

• Fixed relative teleport after logging in

• Errors are now suppressed and logged instead of kicking the player

• Fixed Ender Crystal Collision & effects

• Fixed query system not following MC standards

• A wave of Inventory Fixes

• Improved Movement on stairs

• Fixed display name of entities

• Added furnace minecarts

• Updated dependencies

(Bedrock Future)

• Villager Trading (almost ready)

• Accurate Movement System (WIP)

Updated Large Banner and Image in the full server description

Server Update - 26th May 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Fixed Performance Degrade over short period of time

• Improved General Server Performance

• Heavily Optimised Villager Pathfinding - almost no lag now

• Fixed vanilla light engine bug

• Cleanup async chunks

• Fixed chunk logics


(Bedrock Changes)

• Fixed MOTDs not displaying correctly

• Fixed Excessive RAM Usage


Bedrock Future

• More Bug fixes (every update)

• Villager Trading (WIP)

• Accurate Movement System (WIP)

Server Update - 26th May 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Experimental New Lag Control System

• Tweaked Spartan AC Configuration - Speed checks have been disabled

• Improved General Server Performance

• Fixed elytra glide disabling randomly

• Fixed some errors that could lead to a crash

(Bedrock Changes)

• Fixed MOTDs not displaying correctly

• Further improvements to Fireworks

• Books can now be read correctly

• Introduced smoother spawn event

• Fixed duplicate name in pause menu player mounted on 

• Fixed entities stacking when mounted

Bedrock Future

• More Bug fixes (every update)

• Villager Trading (WIP)

• Accurate Movement System (WIP)

• Reworded description again

• Full entity mount support for Bedrock players

• Fixed extremely slow chunk loading

• Reworded parts of the description to make it more accurate.

(Bedrock Changes)

• Fixed Guardian Beam

• Fixed some incorrect sounds

• Fixed charged Wither shield

• Msgs now show when records play

• Graphical fixes for Absorption hearts

• Fixed banners losing patterns

• Implemented proper leash support

• Added Air Bubbles UI support

• Fixed fishing rod line not attaching to players

• Implemented All Map icons

• Fixed issues with treasure maps

• Fixed a rare bug preventing blocks from bring placed or destroyed

• Fixed creeper's exploding animation

• Giants are now visible if they ever spawn

• Fixed issues with the eye of ender

• Added Mob spawner block entity data

• Elder Guardians are now properly visible

Server Update - 16th May 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Fixed horrible chunk loading speed

• Increased spawn cap for mobs

• Increase spawn rates for mobs

• risen Spartan intervention levels


All kinds of flight hacks and timer are now being filtered through the Spartan system. I have introduced this change as a temporary solution against intentional server crashing. There may be drawbacks for some players on poor connections, however you will have to adapt to this change in "environment".

Server Update - 13th May 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Fixed crazy mob spawn counts in ocean

• Switched to "per player mob count"


(Bedrock Changes)

We're rolling out experimental support for entity mounts. Please note that only boats have been tested and this is still an experimental build. If you notice bugs, report them in the feedback channel.

Also note that you may have to hold down on the area where you want to spawn a boat, or use a dispenser


Bedrock Future

Fully entity mount support and bed sleeping animation + bug fixes.

Server Update - 10th May 2020

(Universal Changes)

• Added More stable version of Spartan AC - Please experiment vanilla movement and let me know if it causes false positives (include video footage)

• Significantly Improved Performance

• Fixed a leak on unloading worlds

• Optimized brigadier performance

• Improve Block Position code efficiency

• Added Spawn Reason API

• Improved Performance with Hoppers

• Improved Performance with Block States

• Implement JellySquid's Entity Collision optimisations

• Optimised Collisions to not load chunks

• Fixed many issues with Chunk Cache

• Ensure chunks loaded on respawn for suffocation check

• Add Urgent API for Async Chunks API and use it for Async Teleport

• Fixed disconnection during Async Prelogin

(Bedrock Changes)

• Fixed invisible Ender Chests

• Fixed invisible Players

• Added Slime and Magma Cube Size Support

• Added support for block break animations from java players to bedrock

• Fixed Visual bugs with Double Chests


Bedrock Future

More Bug fixes and possibly some more work on Entity Mounts coming.

Server Update - 7th May 2020

 (Universal Changes)

• Fixed minor disconnection issues

• Improved Performance

(Bedrock Changes)

• Legacy Skin Support - Marketplace skins

• Fixed all varients of signs - were previously broken

• The GeyserMC Development Team have finished working on particles and sounds. Thanks for those who tested missing or incorrect mappings, if there are still any incorrect or missing.

• With that said, they've also added piston extension animations, item frames and fixed movement.

Updated Server Icon

Explosions are now synced properly

Fixed a random crash bug


1st May Bedrock Update Changelog:

Added offhand command

Fixed visual entity duplicates

Custom Container Names are now visible

Fixed item name and lore with basic item translator

Fixed Incorrect Shulker Rotation

Fixed Third Party Capes

Improved Bedrock Movement

Added more sounds and particles

Fixed Incorrect sounds and particles

Access world manager instead of chunk cache - reduces heavy RAM usage

27th April 2020 Update Changelog

Here are the Bedrock Patches:

Experimental Block Particles

Experimental Effects & Sounds

Implemented Books - You can now view their content, write and sign them via book and quil

Implemented Shield Blocking

Implemented More Precise Movement

For the full changelog, visit

Updated the 4B4T+ Server Logo in the main description to match new version

4B4T+ Stability Update

The "Stable" Update has arrived for 4B4T+!

+ Fixed Invisible Chunks (Bedrock)

+ Fixed Player Movement (Bedrock)

+ Fixed Player Swimming (Bedrock)

+ Fixed Laggy Entity Movement (Bedrock)

+ Biomes are now visible (Bedrock)

+ Offhand implemented (Bedrock)

+ View other players properly (Bedrock)

+ Heavily Optimised Block Ticking (Global)

please make sure to update your game to latest release version ( if you're on Bedrock.

• Changed image of the server seed sample from online to an image of structures in the server

• Fixed Typos

• Made the Description more detailed by adding more in-game images.

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: Theres no fucking queue lol

Game Types

Adventure Survival

144 Responses

4.03 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. Guest-5592966667 says:

    I tried 4b4t and i spawned in, and because of the lag i got tp-ed back up and fell down, and repeated until i got kicked for ‘flying’ even though i dont have any hacks… i think its the players lagging the server, OR my internet sucking A55 which it probably is, anyways my only problem with the server is the login feature, what is it’s purpose?

    • Guest-5840270299 says:

      Edit: good server, but anticheat prevents bad internet-ed players from playing due to anti-fly lags

      • Just came back to let you know that the lag point system has been recoded so it will now calculate lag more accurately while also reducing various false positives.

    • The Login system is there to reduce any potential issues that may arise with bedrock players attempting to join. It also means that if Mojang’s authentication servers go offline, our server will still be joinable.

  2. Guest-8251449549 says:

    Wait I’m confused you telling me you can play on this server on java and bedrock? I assume is 2 different servers with the same name right?

  3. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    Can You Grief Without Getting Banned Or Maybe Start A Group?

  4. TstandsforToodle says:

    Is this gonna be updated to 1.16? Because it is currently not working right now, and on Java edition it says 1.15.2.

  5. Guest-9051354852 says:

    whats the ip for java? is it just or what

    • Anarchy says:

      Hello Guest user, yes the server IP remains the same across all Platforms and the Port remains default too (25565 for java & 19132 for Bedrock)

  6. Guest-9814822573 says:

    its hacking allowed?

  7. Guest-6037988159 says:

    Wow, it’s actually cross platform

  8. Guest-2579855685 says:

    Some BullS**t just bedtrap me but Im fine now my hacks will do a job. I WILL COMBACK TO [theeditor13] REMEMBER WHAT IM GONNA IM GONNA SAY BACKDOOR THIS SERVER WAIT FOR MY REVENGE.

  9. MrCamper1999 says:

    if u a person who just wanna have good time and chill dont join the server i joined the server a pro came up to me and told me he will help me out made a bed then covered it with obsidion now whne ever i join i die and no one helps just some rude cheaters in the server

    • Anarchy says:

      The server is designed to appeal to players who like a hard difficulty…
      If that doesn’t match your play-style, you’re free to leave

    • joe847802 says:

      have you heard of 2b2t? Thats what this server is trying to acheive. if your to gullible and trusting, well you end up like you just did. fail on your part.

  10. TenderDragon173 says:

    I Can’t Join The Server But Its Okay…And The Shaders Looks Cool Can I Ask What’s
    The Name Of The Shader?

    • Guest-1036436195 says:

      Yeah i want the shaders name too😗

      • Guest-3666355277 says:

        It’s not a pocket edition shader. It’s a Java edition. You can tell by the water, pe can’t handle that kind of stuff. This guys just put a shader on so more people join it.

  11. CGA35MCPE says:

    I joined the server it’s great but isn’t this supposed to be 2B2T But on bedrock? I thought this is a cross platform also this server is cool

    • Anarchy says:

      Hello, this server is not designed to replicate the 2b2t experience. This server has almost no limitations however the reason I say ALMOST is because flying is disabled due to the mass lag it can cause. Our server is cross platform, and I envision that one day we’ll reach a level where the server can be ran autonomously whilst communicating with other applications and thus resulting in a more stable server.

  12. Guest-6166026210 says:

    Does it work for xbox?

  13. Dip says:

    Haha fell of a ravine and got kicked out for invalid movement (flying) 😅

    • Guest-5909597435 says:

      i jumped on a hoars and it said i was fly hacking

    • Anarchy says:

      If you are on the Bedrock version of the game, the AC will flag you for invalid movement sometimes because bedrock movement works differently to java movement. Regardless, a new and improved more accurate system is being worked on!

  14. Guest-9873855764 says:

    I am a regular player, just here to say if you are a new one don’t beg items, thank you.

  15. justmeRYAN26 says:

    Hey creator , whats the name of the shaders you use in the picture???

  16. ants says:

    how do I a new player join
    and register

  17. Guest-8835835804 says:

    What is the name of the shaders you use in the picture?

  18. Dude you are the mad guy that destroyed the bedrock layer between java and bedrock…
    I heared it is possible thing but this my first time seeing a server like this…


  20. Guest-6710537120 says:

    hi legitaka it’s me altaccount518 you’re a jew

  21. Guest-6710537120 says:

    hi legitaka it’s me altaccount518 you’re a jew kek

  22. Guest-7294424313 says:

    what java version does the server support? +The server has high latency and some other bugs but I really like the concept. keep it up

    • Anarchy says:

      The server supports Minecraft Java 1.15 and Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.6 (in other words latest versions)

      As for the lag, we are currently figuring out where we can get some financial support from in order to upgrade hardware

    • Anarchy says:

      We have now resolved the persistent Lag issue, please retry the server and let us know how it went!

  23. Guest-4263794394 says:


  24. Guest-3971031800 says:

    Love it! Problem is skins don’t render properly though and everyone I meet appears to be a Steve skin which kinda ruins the fun… love the freedom though.

    • Anarchy says:

      Glad you like the server!
      Currently, only legacy skins work for Bedrock users. Legacy skins are those that you can find in the Marketplace within the Bedrock version of the game. In the future, I believe custom skins will also be implemented to work properly. The GeyserMC Devs are working on it!

  25. admiringpage says:

    .give command is not working

  26. Guest-6342148000 says:

    Got kicked for hacks, please label your server as no cheat or just NOT MAKE THIS SERVER AS IT’S NOT ANARCHY

    • Anarchy says:

      Flight is currently disabled to prevent people from exploiting it to crash the server. With that said, thanks for reminding me. I will change the wording of the server description!

  27. Gamershy says:

    This server is meant to mimic 2b2t… yet, the moment I join and try to use a client to fly out of spawn, I get kicked by an anticheat? What kind of anarchy server has an anticheat?

    • Anarchy says:

      Flight is currently disabled to prevent people from exploiting it to crash the server. With that said, thanks for reminding me. I will change the wording of the server description!

  28. Guest-5763857253 says:

    It’s says locating server and it wont let me in.

  29. Oh-Hey-We-Couldnt-Skype-Tonight says:

    It says 404 not found

  30. Guest-8584241879 says:

    I wanna know is hacking/ cheating/ modding in this server allowed? Will I get banned for doing so?

  31. WickedLuka4 says:

    I like this sever!!

  32. Hello, does this support iPad? If so, how do I join on that?

  33. Guest-2750448666 says:

    How do i join on xbox

  34. Zhao Dan says:

    I Really Like Playing This Server

  35. Pan Pernicek says:

    great server
    ||even compatabilite with old smartwatch||
    oh **** discord formating dont works here

  36. Guest-8182868934 says:

    i have played around with geyser before and its pretty neat but i have found some major bugs and exploits with it very cool idea but i think its still to early to fully use yet

  37. Guest-2867318112 says:

    I… Can’t craft pistons… Is that another issue I found with bedrock edition?

    • Anarchy says:

      This is currently in the process of being fixed, I believe.

    • Anarchy says:

      After a short period of testing, we have identified that the recipe book is missing some items. However, you can still manually craft the Piston without the recipe book.

    • Guest-8851386866 says:

      I love this server but there’s a few problems like that bedrock can not enchant or ride boats,horses,donkeys and just all that you can ride in general also can’t see the java enchant for sweeping edge

      • Anarchy says:

        More bug fixes are on the way. Regarding enchantment tables, they will be implemented in the 1.16 Update for Bedrock players on our server.

  38. Guest-4254860258 says:

    I gave it a go. Very laggy. I kept rubberbanding bad and there were only 6 other players online. It was pretty cool though.

    • Anarchy says:

      Yesterday’s update introduced a horrible bug in the movement system that makes u rubberband frequently. Rest assured as a fix is being worked on!

      • Anarchy says:

        After a short period of testing, we have identified that the recipe book is missing some items. However, you can still manually craft the Piston without the recipe book.

    • Anarchy says:

      Hello again,
      We have now resolved this issue in today’s update. Enjoy your day!

  39. CombatGaming658 says:

    I HAVE A BUG!! BEDROCK PLAYERS ARE RANDOMLY SUFFOCATING!! I lost ALL of my stuff just cuz I randomly started suffocating, even though there was nothing nearby that could suffocate me! PLEASE SEE THIS

  40. Guest-2929510526 says:

    it says ip not valid

    is the country part of the requirment to play..?

    • Guest-2337533535 says:

      Yeah, for some reason it is saying that it is not valid and the address can not be found.

    • Guest-2240674924 says:

      Possibly it is the server port?

    • Anarchy says:

      There are no region requirements, but the connection will be stronger if you are closer to origin server point: Germany.
      Regarding the invalid IP Address, our domain was having a partial outage last night. It should be working fine again, just make sure you are using the correct port: 19132 for Bedrock and 25565 for Java.

  41. CombatGaming658 says:

    You’re a joke

  42. Guest-8824523747 says:

    With features being different how do Bedrock and Java players play together? Can a Java and bedrock player pvp together? If so how does it work?

    • Anarchy says:

      The server itself is a Java Server however the Bedrock Compatibility is achieved through the GeyserMC Proxy which is a packet translator that makes each client who connects act as a java client. I’ve installed Old Combat Mechanics Plugin on the server so both platforms are able to PvP without the heavy cooldowns introduced in Minecraft Java 1.9+

      • Guest-3899242580 says:

        Wait what uh yea this confusing because others said it is impossible to make java redstone on bedrock because it’s in c++ and java is in… you know, uhhh confusing

        • CombatGaming658 says:

          Its not impossible with the new plugins anymore. Crossplay is the future. So many servers have it already.

  43. Guest-4846522169 says:


  44. Guest-8312976808 says:

    I tried the server out, it has great potential!

  45. Guest-9093331424 says:

    Wow, it’s actually cross platform 😀

  46. Guest-4734248009 says:

    Nice server

  47. Guest-9629826913 says:

    I remember joining on the first day back in January, this server lit!

  48. Guest-7446146651 says:

    I got kicked for hacking I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ANARCHY SERVER

  49. Guest-9231191607 says:

    Is this an Asia server? Because if it not i cant play

    • Anonymous says:

      The server is located in Germany in a city named Frankfurt. Despite the high latency, you should still be able to play at a reasonable level.

  50. Guest-1726066067 says:

    does my bedrock progress carry over to my java progress? Thanks!

  51. Anonymous says:


  52. Anonymous says:

    Yay. Now i can do java redstone lol

  53. Charlie says:

    I can’t move its Brocken

  54. ujyhfgdvfscax says:

    how would java client react to bedrock names with spaces in them? also what about duplicate names?

    • Anarchy says:

      My server is compatible with spaced names, also duplicate names isn’t possible. The server has its own authentication system so if someone used the name of a registered account, they’ll need to know the password. The accounts are synced on Bedrock & Java but obviously you’ll be kicked if the account is already logged in. For further enquiries, please visit our Discord Server ->

  55. Cattail786 says:

    I love this server from just seeing it in the first second, but I was wondering what was the join thing for java?

  56. User says:

    Hi, How to do that i want it too but i cant. I want to play with my friends

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