Published on February 27, 2022 (Updated on March 08, 2022)

GameOfTheEnd - Survival

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Status Offline
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GameOfTheEnd is a Minecraft Bedrock server focused on survival and Mini-games. It has mini-games like Parkour, Mob Arena and lots other...  Do what you would like to do normally in your world, but with friends.  Something very important is that you can get achievements!GameOfTheEnd is one of the best servers for players who are interested in survival and factions. Our Mods allow you to have a vanilla server experience like no other!  We also have many more amazing games that you can find below.Big Mob ArenaLots of parkoursSecret Locationsand more.... 

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Big update on our server is released what is new? : 

- Added a scoreboard showing players' play time 

- Added new secret locations in the hub 

- Fixed over 10+ bugs 

- Mob arena not working 

- Hub navigator error 

- Our currency gold was absent 

- Hackers were not banned 

- New sever icon

Supported Minecraft versions

AYOOO Frezze i cant contact you on my discord eagleeye#5162 so i made a new one, idk what it shows as the name for you, but i have to use it so please accept my friend request... idek if you will see this
- your fav dev
Hey whats wrong? I cant add you..... btw: we have a new discord server with new rules cuz yk why. and a freshly new custom minecraft server..
Here the discord server:
My discord: Frezze#8514
And the server ip (Java and bedrock) :
did you take the pitcures in mobile or pc?
On pc, In our Discord Channel you can find a guide how to play Minecraft Bedrock with Shader