Legends SMP

Server IP legendssmp.us:19132 Connect
Version 1.20.30
Status Online
Players 1/100
Server Protocol Other

Legends SMP is a 1.19.3 survival multiplayer Minecraft server available to both Java and Bedrock players on versions 1.18+. It's semi-anarchy and semi-vanilla, featuring gameplay additions like factions/claims, custom items, and bosses.


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  • Created server
  • Made compatible with both bedrock and java
  • Added a bunch of custom stuff
  • enchanted bedrock recipe fixed
  • fixed spawnrates
  • increased teleport pvp disabled timer to help stop to trapping
  • made tp trapping a bannable offense

I will not be updating the changelog anymore, join the discord for all changes and updates

Server Name: Legends

Map: Legends SMP

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