Published on December 28, 2021 (Updated on December 27, 2021)

Service Robot

Hello again today i present a new addon with a new interesant pet a service robot than you can craft with different items this addon is idea by FlechaPh9 you can check out its youtube channel in the next link:

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New service robot

New peaces

New mob




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how about by giving them an iron sword they will give you mob drops, an iron axe gives you wood type, an iron pickaxe give you stone with a chance of giving you ores, and iron shovel gives you dirt,sand,gravel, etc, and an iron hoe makes them farm, but they give you the items back like they give you the iron sword,axe,pickaxe,shovel,hoe
Ok, it is a good idea in will try to make
Maybe make it farm stuff?
That's a good idea i will make it