Published on December 22, 2020 (Updated on December 22, 2020)

SG Replay: Minotaur Mansion

Welcome to Project: Replay! 6 revamped SkyGames maps. High quality, premium maps. For free!

This is the final map in this series.

We are finishing on our biggest map release ever.

SG Minotaur Mansion is the expanded version of SG Minotaur! Now it’s expanded even further in this new update. Hunters must collect three keys and escape the mansion. Whereas the Minotaur must kill all Hunters before even one of them escapes!

Textures: FogzArt

Builds: Inviziy, FogzArt

Programming: Traswen

Testing: TheAIDAN8R

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- Updated description to include relevant updates about the maps state. More to come...

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Very fun map. I play this a lot with my friends.
It's good, but I would prefer to download it though linkvertise
I played this on your Realm and it is really well done!
This looks way more better than the last time even though I didn't download it yet