Shovel Trident Addon

The trident is now a shovel, just a little inside joke I made, it’s a reference to Far Cry 5. In FC5, you can throw shovels at people as a weapon.

In Far Cry 5, the shovel weapon can be thrown, and I always found this really funny. So what I’ve done in this mod, is allowed you to throw the shovel, by reskinning it onto the trident!

There isn’t really much else to say about this mod, it’s very simple and to-the-point. It’s very funny to see your friends on your world, beating up various mobs with a shovel.

P.S. Only reason it’s at an angle is so that it looks like you’re holding a regular shovel when you hold it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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30 Responses

4.53 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-2288488631 says:

    Can you make a “throw a pickaxe”?
    that`s look cool too

  2. LarsLRG says:

    PLEASE PLEASE update this to the newest version (1.14.30) I would really want this as FC5 is my favorite game

  3. awsome229 says:

    I really wanted this addon!!! It says download called after I try to get it!!!

  4. PikachuOfPower says:

    Make a slider thingy with different options! Like a sword, a knife, a bomb, a grenade, and a ninja star! Stuff like that. (for the Bomb, and Grenade add a behavior pack!) Plz! This would make me very happy!

  5. Rockeous says:

    Jettacar make a VW Jetta lol

  6. Dragonreaper says:

    Teleporting trident addon

  7. Jojo Mazzuca says:

    When API modding comes out, can u make this but with a sword? And have it so it doesnt replace the trident?

  8. By Yours Truly says:

    I love this addon it’s halarious immediate 5 stars

  9. Thisiscarsen says:

    Of all things a shovel maybe a knife please I need it for murder mistery πŸ’€

  10. Edu gaming says:

    What if that was a axe

  11. Edu gaming says:

    Its more better if its a axe

  12. Tazmoe says:

    Very clever AND funny- it cracked me up to see a drowned kill my friend with a thrown shovel!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It should be cooler if you add subpacks with different shovel textures ( diamond / gold & … )

  14. Wow bro awesome Addon I love Far Cry 5 and this brings it once step closer to recreation in Minecraft

  15. ilmmazum says:

    Hey! I was wondering on how you install maps or texture packs on iOS 13, Because it won’t let me. I would love if you knew how!

  16. RadDjCS says:

    This is a pretty cool add-on actually, very funny.

  17. The Blaze Miner n' Dabber says:

    Can you make it so we can change the textures between different tools/Weapons like for say a sword

  18. Anonymous says:

    this is so cool

  19. b says:

    it is really good!

  20. MusaPlayz says:

    First but nice add-on bro

  21. Silver craft says:

    please add a sword to throw too

  22. Faizhargaming07 says:

    Can you make a sword version? And plz make 32Γ— resolution ver.

  23. Jarel says:

    Now i an axe ver of this

  24. SluggishPeach10 says:

    Hahaha sucks this addon, doesnt work πŸ˜¬πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

  25. Zeyad981 says:

    i have an idea trying to make a resource pack where you can choose from maybe all of the tools to be throwable like the trident since i got the idea from you im asking perms from you to make it

  26. UDDIN_9749 says:

    Nice addon πŸ˜„

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